lifepro rumblex 4d vibration plate review

LifePro Rumblex 4D Review: Shake Up Your Workout

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In today’s review, we go hands on with the LifePro Rumblex 4D whole body vibration plate. Not sure what a vibration plate is or does? No problem! We’re going to go into a lot of detail to explain this emerging exercise trend and how it might benefit you. So without further ado, let’s get ready to rumble!

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Quick Summary: The LifePro Rumblex 4D is one of the best high end vibration plates around. With every feature imaginable, it's tough to beat this one.

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Whole Body Vibration

Whatever your fitness goals, it’s likely you want one of the following: to lose weight, build muscle, increase flexibility, or simply improve your overall well-being. And while traditional diet and exercise will do that, did you know that something called Whole Body Vibration (WBV) may give you those same results?

Dr. Laskowski of the Mayo Clinic explains it like this: 

With whole-body vibration, you stand, sit or lie on a machine with a vibrating platform. As the machine vibrates, it transmits energy to your body, forcing your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times each second. The activity may cause you to feel as if you’re exerting yourself.(1)

While the research is still ongoing, other notable benefits of a vibration plate could include: 

  • Improve circulation
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase range of motion
  • Boost the metabolism
  • Increase fat loss
  • Increase bone density

Are the results guaranteed? No, but a little search online will return thousands of positive reviews left by individuals who have. 

LifePro Rumblex 4D Whole Body Vibration Plate

LifePro is one of our all-time favorite exercise and recovery equipment companies. They have a phenomenal lineup of ultra high-quality products that have been invaluable to our post-workout routine. They sell everything from massage guns to foam rollers to the excellently made Rumblex 4D vibration plate.

Out of extreme curiosity to learn more about whole-body vibration, we decided to go hands-on with the LifePro Rumblex 4D to see what all the hype was about. 

Now the Rumblex 4D is perhaps the most comprehensive and feature-rich vibration plate that you will currently find on the market. Not only does it offer a similar oscillatory movement to other plates out there, but it also vibrates and moves in a forward and back linear direction. The combination of all those simultaneous motions is why they call it 4D. 

How Does It Work?

To accomplish those various movements, LifePro engineered the Rumblex 4D with 3 powerful motors that work in unison to create unique vibrational patterns. Having that many motors also adds to the Rumblex 4D’s overall versatility too, allowing up to 7 different training modes.

In practice, we loved the variety of different modes available. Each had its own distinct pattern and we could feel it targeting different parts of the body as we progressed through each session. 

To customize it to your liking, the Rumblex offers up to 60 levels of increasing intensity. As to not overdo it, we’ve been slowly increasing the intensity each morning to see how our bodies will respond. After a week of use, we’re now up to level 40 and it’s pretty vigorous at this point. 

An interesting side-note: when you reference the manual, they indicate that levels 1-20 are for beginners, 21-40 are intermediate, and 41-60 are for advanced users. As you increase the intensity, the lights on the side of the vibration plate will also change from green to orange to red accordingly. It’s a neat little detail. 

What Does Whole Body Vibration Feel Like?

Since you’re able to dial in the intensity of the motors, your experience on the Rumblex 4D can go from subtle to wild and insane pretty quickly. We found that if we locked out our knees while standing on the platform, it was much more jarring. Bend your knees ever so slightly and the vibrations throughout your body become much more subdued. 

Now honestly, we did not know what to expect after our initial 10-minute session on the Rumblex 4D. While you can certainly choose to do exercise (more on that in a second), we opted to simply stand on the platform the first time around to gauge how we felt. Besides literally feeling “shaken up”, we did not necessarily feel fatigued like you would after say, a brisk jog.

Did it really do anything? The next morning we got our answer in the form of systemic muscle soreness. From our legs to our core, everything in our body felt mildly uncomfortable. It wasn’t pain, but the same feeling you would get after a sweaty HIIT session. Obviously, it did something. 

Over the course of testing, we gradually incorporated the included resistance cords into our morning regimen. The cords can be attached to two metal loops underneath the Rumblex 4D and they’re great for doing any sort of upper body exercises for the arms and shoulders. Also included in the box is a set of 100% latex bands to take your lower body workout to the next level. That’s the beauty of this whole body vibration plate, you can make it as relaxing or extreme as you want.  

LifePro Rumblex 4D Specs and Features

Inside the box, the Rumblex comes with a detailed manual, the aforementioned resistance bands, a workout mat, a remote watch, and of course it comes with LifePro’s notorious LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Noise Level

You might be thinking that with 3 motors, the Rumblex 4D must be pretty noisy, right? Wrong.

Surprisingly, even at higher power levels, it remains relatively quiet. We assumed that with all the vibrational forces, it would rattle uncontrollably. That’s just not the case. It may not be whisper quiet per se, but it’s quiet enough to watch TV or carry on a conversation without raising your voice.

Physical Dimensions

The overall dimensions for the Rumblex 4D is 31.1 x 18.1 x 7.3 inches and weighs in at 42 lbs. The size might be such that you could slide it under a bed after using it, but the weight may be a limitation for some. 

For practicality purposes, you would be better off finding a more permanent location that doesn’t require you to move it all that often. After all, we all know what happens to exercise equipment that gets tucked under a bed–it stays there.

Integrated Bluetooth

Depending on how you see it, we love the inclusion of a Bluetooth speaker. From the onslaught, we actually were not aware that the Rumblex 4D does in fact come with a built-in Bluetooth speaker to stream audio. Perhaps that’s because there are no stickers or logos anywhere on the vibration plate’s body to indicate it. 

It wasn’t until we read through the instruction manual that we came across that information. Score!

To connect to the Bluetooth speaker, simply turn on the Rumblex, open your Bluetooth settings on your phone, and look for the LIFEPRO name. Click on that and you’re all set. 

Unlike the vibration plate itself, the speakers won’t shake the house down, but hey, they’re more than adequate to help you forget how much you’re sweating. They’re a very cool addition we didn’t even know was included. 

Watch Remote

Perhaps we should not mention this last, but one of the neatest features is the inclusion of the watch remote. From the convenience of your own wrist, you can completely control every function of the LifePro Rumblex 4D. 

The best part? The slap bracelet that secures it to your wrist. It’s a tiny piece of nostalgia that takes us back to our childhood. That makes it super easy to take on and off without much hassle. Depending on your age, you may or may not know what we’re talking about. Google is your friend here. 


So does the LifePro Rumblex 4D live up to all of its claims? Yes, mostly. It’s a little too soon to tell and will require ongoing testing, but we certainly felt like we were getting a great workout doing whole-body vibration. Ultimately, your results will directly correlate to your effort. 

What we found was that adding the vibration plate to our workouts motivated us even further to move and do more. It’s fun to use and for us, it helps pass the time as we’re performing various sets of exercises. We think it adds a new dynamic we’ve previously never experienced.

Are your workouts feeling a little mundane? Instead of doing a regular pushup, for instance, try doing one on the Rumblex 4D instead. The added vibration will not only activate more muscles but make them more challenging too. If you like spicy, this is the extra kick you need. 

Without reservations, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with the LifePro Rumblex 4D and would not hesitate to recommend it. 

LifePro Rumblex

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Editors note: It probably goes without saying, but if you’re sensitive to vibrations or get motion sickness easily, start off slow. If you’ve been diagnosed with any underlying health condition, absolutely consult your physician before attempting to use a vibration plate.

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