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The Best Budget Massage Guns $150 Or Less

The truth is, most people want the benefits of a great massage gun, but don’t want to spend a fortune either. While they may not deliver the performance of say a Theragun, some so-called “budget” massage guns do come close.

Your options in the affordable massage gun arena are plentiful, but not all massage guns are created equal. Some cheap massage guns are simply not worth your time and hard earned money.

We went hands-on with the LifePro DynaSphere, VI PRO Mini, LifePro Sonic, TaoTronics, and the PlayMakar MVP. These are our thoughts:

LifePro DynaSphere

The DynaSphere is hands down the best affordable massage gun from LifePro. Don’t let the price fool you, because the DynaSphere is a beast!  The DynaSphere massage gun is not only super powerful with 66lbs of stall force (more than a Theragun), but has some smart features too. 

Unique to the DynaSphere is an integrated USB charging port so you can power up your electronic devices while on the go. While that does draw power away from the massage gun’s battery itself, in a pinch, it could be a lifesaver if your cell phone decides to die on you. How much you’ll use this feature is up to you, but it’s a feature you won’t find elsewhere. 

While we’re on the subject, You might be curious to know that the DynaSphere has a 2000mAh battery. While not the largest capacity, it’s enough to net you about 5-7 hours of total runtime. 

The DynaSphere has an ultra quiet 6-speed motor with a 13mm massage gun head amplitude, making this is the most powerful massage gun on this list. 

Unlike other no-name, generic cheap massage guns, LifePro includes a Lifetime Warranty! Should it ever have a problem, they’ll send you a replacement. 

For an in-depth look at the DynaSphere, read our full review here

What buyers say: “This thing is AMAZING, I have rotator cuff issues and this thing helps loosen up my shoulder. I use it a few mins everyday and I haven’t had any pain.”

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VI Pro Mini

At under $120, the VI Pro Mini is an easy recommendation. It too is one of the best affordable massage therapy guns we have tested. In fact, we feel it rivals some massage guns that are twice the price.

Although labeled as being “mini”, don’t let the size of it fool you, the VI Pro Mini delivers a very strong and powerful percussive massage. 

We think you’ll appreciate the build quality of the Vi Pro Mini. Although it only weighs 1.8lbs, it still feels substantial and quality made.

The 3-speed 24V brushless motor offers a powerful, yet quiet operating experience. With a max decibel ranking of 50dB at 2800RPM, it is among the quietest massage guns we’ve ever tested.

The trusted lithium ion LG 3400 mAh battery offers 3-5 hrs of battery life.

Includes a 1 year warranty.

What buyers say: “This massager is whatever you desire, plus a lot more. It can obtain so deep and also alleviate numerous sorts of aches as well as pains.”

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LifePro Sonic

Last we counted, LifePro offers 12 different models of relatively inexpensive massage guns on their website. For that reason, please don’t fault us for recommending them more than once on this list. As we said before, they’re one of our favorite massage gun companies because they actually stand behind their products. 

Like everything else they sell, the Sonic is well built and delivers an impressive amount of percussive power. 

As expected, the 5 speed motor is super quiet and won’t wake the neighbors.

The LifePro Sonic’s battery life is rated at 3-6 hours depending on your use. We never felt like we had to run for a charger throughout our testing.

What buyers say: “The Sonic is SO QUIET, easy to charge, turn on and off, see the battery life, and even choose the amount of power you want.”

The PlayMakar MVP is an unexpected surprise that takes the cheap massage gun value proposition to a whole new level.

We were extremely impressed by not only the overall quality of this massage gun, but the performance too.

The 6-speed motor is not only strong, but whisper quiet too. 

The PlayMakar MVP carries a 2 year warranty should it stop working, guaranteeing years of service.

What buyers say: “This budget friendly massage gun is remarkable! Best purchase ever! Super good tool, at a price that other brands can’t keep up with.”

Bob and Brad Massage Gun

Best known for their YouTube channel, Physical Therapists Bob and Brad released there first line of massage guns late last year. With such a loyal following, they were careful to make sure they put their name on a quality, yet budget massage gun. 

In our hands-on review, we noted that the Bob and Brad massage gun was surprising powerful for the size and came away impressed by the low price tag. 

The cost may be low, but there is nothing budget about this massage gun. The construction is very solid and it operates very smoothly.

The performance and battery life are both on par with many of the other massage guns out there. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed with either.

What customers say: “This massage gun is incredible and also quiet. Feels and looks SWEET!

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