ireliev hand massager for arthritis, carpal tunnel, and neuropathy

iReliev Hand Massager Review: For Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis

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If you suffer with arthritis, carpal tunnel, neuropathy or just generalized pain in your hands from overuse, the iReliev hand massager is one of the best hand massagers to help relieve the discomfort and improve your circulation. 

For someone such as myself that is always working out, lifting heavy weights, and then spending the rest of the day typing away on a keyboard, the iReliev hand massager has been a godsend.

I find the iReliev alleviates the tension that I feel in my hands, allowing me to be much more productive and get more done throughout the day.

For those that suffer with ailments of the hands, this review of the iReliev hand massager is for you.

iReliev Hand and Wrist Massager

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iReliev Hand Massager: Quick Overview

iReliev is a Texas based company that sells a variety of FDA cleared massagers, muscle stimulators, and massage guns. They have quickly grown to be one of the most trusted brands on the market and are known for their quality products that provide effective results.

The iReliev Hand and Wrist massager is one of their latest releases and it comes with a lot of really great features.

Overall Rating:

What’s To Like:

  • Very powerful acupressure and compression
  • Lightweight body/shell
  • Auto shutoff after 15 minutes
  • Excellent battery life

Needs Improvement:

  • Vibration motor is fairly weak
  • Heat takes a while to get to temp
  • No included power adapter

Is the iReliev Hand and Wrist Massager Worth It?

I’m always hesitant to say if something is worth it, particularly with a massage device because what works for me, might not be the best for you. That said, there’s a number of things the iReliev Hand and Wrist massager does really well.

First of all, I wouldn’t necessarily classify this device as a typical massager in the traditional sense. I say that because it doesn’t have any sort of rollers that knead your hands, rather the iReliev uses a combination of compression and acupressure instead. Inflating and deflating air bladders compress the hand and wrist while static acupressure rollers deliver pinpoint pressure to help alleviate your symptoms.

If that weren’t enough, you have the option of turning on the vibration and/or heat function too. Are they effective? Somewhat, but I ultimately felt like those two features are a little bit lacking. 

The compression and acupressure are very powerful if you want them to be. With 6 different program modes and levels of intensity, you can easily find a setting that will work well for you.

I would start off on a lower setting and increase as you get a feel for it. I got a bit too ambitious the first time around and cranked it up all the way. That was a mistake because the compression was super intense.

For just over $100, you get a very powerful hand and wrist massager with 6 power settings, 2 vibration settings, an option for heat, and included USB-C charging cable, and a travel bag. That’s not a bad deal for all of that and I think fundamentally, it delivers where it counts. 

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Using the iReliev Hand and Wrist Massager

I have never tried a massager of this sort that’s specifically made for the hands, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. At first glance, it looks to be a space-aged hand cannon from the future. That or one of those traps that once you put your hand in, there’s no getting it out. Being the adventurous type that I am, I throw caution to the wind and glove up.

The inside chamber has a soft, Lyra-lined cloth material which feels really great to the touch. Once you slide your hand inside, it’s definitely snug, but it’s supposed to be. I’d say my hand is pretty average size and had no problem sliding it in all the way. If you have larger hands, however, you might have a harder time getting it in there all the way. 


If you know what you’re getting, the iReliev Hand and Wrist massager provides an excellent compressive massage. Again, there are no rollers and such inside to gently knead and caress your hands. It just doesn’t work that way and you will absolutely want to return it if that’s what you’re expecting. 

So using it for the first time, there are 6 different programed massage modes to choose from. Each mode targets a specific area or combination of different areas of the hand and wrist. With that comes a selection of 6 increasing intensities. Take my word for it, start off on a lower setting. Otherwise, it’s going to feel like you’re shaking hands with Goliath.

The specific programs are as follows:

  • P1: Combination between fingers, palms, and wrist massage alternatively and synchronously 
  • P2: Automatic leisure massage
  • P3: Combination between fingers, palms, and wrist massage synchronously
  • P4: Wrist massage
  • P5: Combination between fingers, palms, and wrists alternatively
  • P6: Palm massage

I mentioned earlier that there are 2 intensity levels for the vibration. Press the button once and it vibrates in short pulses. Press the button again and it’s one continuous vibration. To me, the only setting that seemed to actually make any difference is the continuous vibration, but even then, it’s not very strong. That’s a little disappointing. 

For the 15 minute programmed session, I certainly feel like the iReliev is in fact, targeting the hand and wrist. The internal airbags somewhat quietly inflate and deflate in various locations throughout. The alternating pressure, to me, feels really good and there’s no question it’s working its magic. 

It may seem alarming, but when it’s done, your hand will come out a dimpled mess from the acupressure points. If you have somewhere important to be that will require your hands, you might want to give them about 20 minutes to go back to normal. Or freak people out. You do your thing.

Battery Life

The battery life will largely depend on the settings. iReliev says that the battery should last up to 6 hours. That might be true if you use it on the lightest setting, without heat and without vibration. 

Realistically, if you’re using everything on the 2nd to 3rd setting, a reasonable 2-4 hours is what you should expect.

Although iReliev does include a USB-C cable, unfortunately, they do not include a power adapter. Like most companies nowadays, the assumption is that everyone already has a cell phone charger or similar power brick collecting dust that you could use. That may be true, but I’m not particularly fond of the new trend. When I buy something, I expect that everything I need to use it is in the box.  

This might be another con for some, but expect about 5-6 hours to fully charge your hand and wrist massager. If you’re the type that tends to forget to recharge your devices, you might be in for a long wait if you’re not conscious of how long you’ve used it prior. And because there’s no battery gauge, you’re pretty much always left clueless as to how much battery life remains. 


The design of the iReliev hand massager is pretty svelte in my opinion. The white casing with the silver lining along the opening looks stylish and modern. It’s by no means meant to be a statement piece, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to look good gettin’ your hands done, right?

Weighing only 2.2 lbs, it’s not very heavy either. Technically, you could walk around while using it, but I think the ideal scenario is to use it while seated, lying down, or in a position that you wouldn’t really bear the weight. 

The Best Hand Massager For Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel

Buyers for the most part have left stellar reviews on the iReliev Hand and Wrist massager. Averaging 4.5/5 stars, many of the reviewers praise it for being one of the best hand massagers for arthritis and carpal tunnel. 

The major complaints I’ve seen are in line with what I mentioned previously: no rolling massage, no power adapter included, too intense pressure on higher settings.  They’re not a deal breaker, but worth your consideration. 

iReliev Wrist and Hand Massager Final Verdict

After thoroughly testing the iReliev massager, I can confidently say that I would recommend it. There are a lot of reasons why you might be looking for a hand massager.

Perhaps you work at a computer all day and carpal tunnel has set in something fierce. Or maybe you’ve spent a lifetime using your hands and the wear and tear as resulted in arthritis.

Whatever your reason, you owe it to yourself to at least try, what I consider, one of the best hand massagers around. 

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, iReliev has a 30 day return policy. And if you love it, which I think you might, they’ve got you covered with a 2-year warranty.

iReliev Hand and Wrist Massager

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