The Best (And Worst) Recovery Massage Guns 2024

In recent years, the recovery massage gun has quickly become the de facto percussive device for active individuals. As a doctor who has used massage guns both professionally in a clinical setting and casually at home since 2019, I’ve witnessed firsthand how effective they can be.

For those suffering from muscle aches and pains or looking to expedite the healing process, percussive therapy with a recovery massager might be a saving grace.

While studies are still evolving, the effectiveness of incorporating a deep tissue massager into your recovery routine is promising. A recent study in PubMed stated:

“The majority of research on the psychological effects of massage has concluded that massage produces positive effects on recovery. Post-exercise massage has been shown to reduce the severity of muscle soreness…” 

If you’re ready to integrate a massage gun into your recovery regimen, we put together a comprehensive list of the best (and worst) recovery massage gun brands on the market that you can currently buy in 2024.

Best Massage Gun 2024: Ekrin Athletics

Overall Rating:

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Without question, the four recovery massage guns from Ekrin Athletics are some of the best massage guns of 2024. We give them high marks for their perfect balance of performance, design, and cost. From the well-constructed soft touch polycarbonate body to the 15 degree angled handle, the massage guns from Ekrin Athletics are truly remarkable massage guns to hold.

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If you’re unsure which model to choose, the most popular one is the Ekrin B37

Powering the Ekrin B37 is a quiet electric motor with 5 variable speed settings to modulate the intensity of the massage. Relative to most other massage guns, the power output from the B37 is on the higher end. 

Unlike a lot of the cheaper massage guns out there, the Ekrin B37 massage head has an amplitude of 12mm. What exactly does that mean? Well, the higher the amplitude, the deeper the massage. Most bargain massagers only have an amplitude of 8-10mm. Plain and simple, that just isn’t enough to “dig deep” to work out those muscle knots

You’ll also be glad you went with the Ekrin B37 massage gun because it comes with a LIFETIME service warranty! That’s right, should it ever break, just contact the good folks at Ekrin Athletics and they’ll gladly ship you out a replacement. Oh, and did we mention every order includes free shipping?

What buyers say: “I absolutely love this massage gun. Now I am kicking myself for waiting so long.”

Quick Specs Summary of the Ekrin B37

  • Power: 56 lbs Stall Force
  • Material: Hard Plastic, Rubber Grip
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Battery: 2550 mAH Battery (up to 8 hours)
  • Dimensions: 5.91 x 3.15 x 2.36 Inches
  • Performance: From 1400 to 3200 RPM, around 0.47 inches amplitude, roughly 35 – 55 dB noise when used
  • What’s Included: Travel case, charger, four attachments – standard head, precision head, round foam head, and neck and spine fork

Ekrin B37

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Top Recovery Massager for Athletes: PlayMakar MVP+

The all-new PlayMakar MVP+ massage gun is truly a professional-grade massage gun geared toward active individuals who workout and play hard.

Packed with every single feature that matters in a massage gun, PlayMakar went above and beyond to make sure that their MVP+ model outshined the competition. Voted as one of our top picks for deep tissue massage, this massage gun packs a punch.

PlayMakar MVP+ Specs

Delivering a super impressive 58 lbs of stall force pressure in conjunction with a 14mm stroke length, this percussion massage gun is ultra-powerful. If you’re the type of person who wants a deep tissue massage for trigger points, it’s the perfect combination. 

However, PlayMakar didn’t just make the MVP+ more powerful.  They also went back to the drawing board to produce patent-pending massage heads that are incredibly comfortable and effective. The brand new HeatTip for example, heats up to 140 degrees to help increase blood flow and melt those muscle knots away (figuratively of course).

Although it is professional grade, it’s not excessively loud like many other massage guns out there. Thanks to their QuietVybe technology, the MVP+ motor produces less than 48dB of noise. That’s quieter than a normal conversation if you’re wondering.

All in all, the PlayMakar MVP+ is the total package backed by a 2-year warranty.

Read our in-depth review here.

What buyers say: “The Playmakar MVP+ is outstanding does a great job and with the different attachments can work all areas of the body. Very happy with the purchase. I would recommend it to anyone from the serious athlete to the weekend warrior.”

Specs Summary of the PlayMakar MVP+

  • Power: 58 lbs Stall Force
  • Material: Hard Plastic, Rubber Grip
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Battery Life: Up to 5 hours
  • Performance: From 1000 to 3000 RPM, 14mm amplitude, up to 48 dB noise
  • What’s Included: Charger, four attachments

PlayMakar MVP+

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Best Hi-Tech: Theragun Elite

Do you want the best of the best and you’re ok spending a little extra for it? If so, the Theragun Elite will not disappoint. 

The Theragun Elite offers some of the most advanced features we’ve ever seen in a massage gun. From the built-in Bluetooth Therabody app to the OLED screen with a force meter, the Elite’s name is well deserved.

This newest iteration is now 75% quieter than the last generation’s model thanks to the all-new QX65 motor. On top of that, Theragun also managed to double the battery life all while making the body smaller in every dimension. 

While the Elite may be more expensive than the other models, we do feel it is worth the money if you’re unwilling to settle for nothing less than the best. 

What buyers say: “I was pleasantly surprised at how well this massager really gets my aches. Even my wife was impressed with how it really got her deep shoulder pains.”

Specs Summary of the Theragun Elite

  • Power: 40 lbs Stall Force
  • Material: Hard Plastic, Rubber Grip
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Battery Life: Up to 120 minutes
  • Performance: From 1750 to 2400 RPM, 16mm amplitude
  • What’s Included: Travel case, charger, 5 attachments

Theragun elite

High-end features and design

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Great Power: Lifepro Sonic Pro

If you are looking for a recovery massage gun with the deepest percussive force, the Lifepro Sonic Pro is a sure bet. 

With an overall 12mm massage head amplitude and 15-speed settings, the Sonic Pro will work out even the most stubborn muscle knots.

Not only is the LifePro Sonic Pro powerful with 75lbs of stall force pressure, but has a battery life that will last up to 6 hours on the lowest setting. To help you get the most out of it in that time, LifePro designed the Pro with a built-in timer. Pretty neat!

LifePro is known for its quality products and offers a lifetime warranty on everything they sell. 

Included in the box are a molded case, 8 attachment heads, and a charger.

What buyers say: “I highly recommend the Sonic Pro because it works as well or better than its competitors. The price is lower than other advertised quality guns too.”

Specs Summary of the Sonic Pro

  • Power: 75 lbs Stall Force
  • Material: Hard Plastic, Rubber Grip
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Battery Life: Up to 6 hours
  • Performance: From 1000 to 3000 RPM, 12mm amplitude, up to 48 dB noise
  • What’s Included: Charger, case, 8 attachments

LifePro Sonic Pro

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Best On Amazon: Bob & Brad C2

The Bob and Brad C2 massage gun is a powerhouse of a massage gun. Particularly given its size, this massage gun delivers a surprising amount of percussive performance.

We were also very impressed with the overall design of the Bob and Brad. The combination of its smaller form factor (only 1.5 lbs overall) and great materials feel incredible in the hand. The slim, ergonomic handle also makes it comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

Speaking of extended periods, despite its small size, the battery life in this thing holds up amazingly well. Expect at least 3-4 hours of total run time. More if you use it on a lower setting.

To round out the value proposition of the Bob and Brad are the 5 massage tips that are included. You’re going to love the cushioned massage tip. It feels really good, especially on the back and shoulders!

What buyers say: “If you’re thinking of saving money and getting a massage gun at a discount store or a cheaper version, don’t! This is worth every penny. Strong consistent speeds, all the attachments you could need and a LONG battery life.”

Specs Summary of the C2

  • Power: 40 lbs Stall Force
  • Material: Hard Plastic, Rubber Grip
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Battery Life: Up to 3-4 hours
  • Performance: From 1000 to 3200 RPM, 8mm amplitude
  • What’s Included: Charger, 5 attachments

Bob & Brad C2

#1 Top Choice on Amazon

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Best For The Money: opove M3 Pro

Opove is perhaps one of the most popular massage guns around, largely for its original massage gun that had a very keen resemblance to the Hypervolt. As a result, the demand for their super powerful, yet quiet, massage gun skyrocketed. 

The all-new M3 Pro model offers a whole host of upgrades over the original model including more power, a higher massage head amplitude, improved attachments, and more. 

If a deep massage is your thing, the M3 Pro has a 12mm amplitude, more than most budget massage guns. Those with a little more bulk will love that feature. 

There’s a lot to love about this massage gun and it comes in at a very reasonable price too.

What buyers say: “This device has been life-changing for my chronic muscle pain.”

Specs Summary of the OPOVE M3 PRO

  • Power: 45 lbs Stall Force
  • Material: Hard Plastic, Rubber Grip
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Battery Life: Up to 4 hours
  • Performance:12mm amplitude
  • What’s Included: Charger, case, 6 attachments

opove M3 Pro

Hypervolt Like Design For Less

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Most Popular: Hyperice Hypervolt 2 PRO

You just can’t beat the Hypervolt 2 PRO. It has all the features you want, including the performance you need. 

With a 5-speed brushless motor, we found the performance of the Hypervolt to be more than adequate in every regard. The amplitude of the massage head is 14mm and offers plenty of stall force power.

What we really love about the Hypervolt is the inclusion of 5 massage heads including the cushioned head. It’s not quite as hard as some of the other plastic tips, but it still manages to deeply massage the muscles.

Although we found the initial quality of the Hypervolt to be quite good, it’s refreshing to see that a 2 year warranty is included when you register your device.

What buyers say: “I love this massage gun! It’s very well built – all the materials feel premium and put together with longevity in mind!”

Specs Summary of the Hypervolt 2 PRO

  • Power: 35 lbs Stall Force
  • Material: Hard Plastic, Rubber Grip
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Battery Life: Up to 2-3 hours
  • Performance:14mm amplitude
  • What’s Included: Charger, 5 attachments

Hyperice Hypervolt

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Best Mini Massage Gun: PlayMakar MVPmini

If small, portable, and discreet are what you’re looking for in a massage gun, the PlayMakar MVPmini is the one for you.

While it’s true the MVPmini is the size of your iPhone, it actually offers a nice level of performance. It may not offer the deepest massage, but it’s no slouch either. Not only that, but the battery life is insane! After a solid week of testing, it was still going strong.

To truly be happy with the MVPmini, you need to understand that while it may not be the strongest massage gun out there, it is small enough to use anywhere. Whether you’re traveling, in the car, or out shopping, carrying around the MVPmini is 100% doable, unlike other full-size models. 

The last thing we absolutely love about the MVPmini is the inclusion of a USB-C charging port. Most electronic devices are powered with a USB-C cable, so it’s nice you won’t have to lug around yet another charger. That and you can charge it nearly everywhere.

What buyers say: “Its awesome, very easy to use and even though its small, it does not feel underpowered at all! Totally fine!”

Before you buy, read our full review of the PlayMakar MVPmini.

Specs Summary of the MVPmini

  • Power: 30 lbs Stall Force
  • Material: Hard Plastic, Rubber Grip
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Battery Life: Up to 5 hours
  • Performance: From 1800 to 3000 RPM, 7mm amplitude, up to 48 dB noise
  • What’s Included: Charger, four attachments

PlayMakar MVPmini

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Best Budget Recovery Massager: iReliev Massager 

iReliev is perhaps best known for its excellent line of EMS/TENS units. To our surprise, they just released their first recovery massage gun and it’s a winner!

At just under $130, the iReliev massage gun offers plenty of power and above-average battery life. We found the initial quality to be top-notch as well.

The iReliev percussion massager comes with a variable 3-speed motor that is very quiet to operate. It’s not quite as strong as some others on this list, but we do feel it will be sufficient for most people’s needs.

Inside the box, you’ll find 4 attachments, a charger, and a carrying case.

What buyers say: “Overall, I am very satisfied with the quality of the massage gun, especially since it’s almost identical in performance to the Hypervolt at half the cost.”

Specs Summary of the iReliev Massager

  • Power: 30 lbs Stall Force
  • Material: Smooth matte plastic
  • Weight: ~2 pounds
  • Battery Life: Up to 4 hours
  • Performance: 3200 RPM, 10mm amplitude, up to 45 dB noise
  • What’s Included: Charger, case,  4 attachments

iReliev Massager

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Lowest Cost: VI Jigsaw 

The Vigorous Innovations (VI) Jigsaw actually delivers an incredible amount of power, particularly for the price. However, as the name implies, it is loud. Power tool loud. If it weren’t for that one caveat, the Jigsaw would easily be one of the better massage guns for the money. 

For some, the amount of noise is a non-issue because again, the amount of percussion this massage gun has is up there with the best of them. It’s also really well made with an overall small size. 

We also like that it includes 2 rechargeable batteries that can be swapped out when you forget to put it on the charger. 

If you can get past the noise level, the VI Jigsaw is an excellent choice.

What buyers say: “This thing isn’t quiet. At all. No sneaking in a quick session before an early morning tennis match when my kids are sleeping. But it is really incredible.”

Specs Summary of the VI Jigsaw

  • Power: 60 lbs Stall Force
  • Material: plastic and rubber
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Battery Life: 20-40 minutes (2 interchangeable batteries included)
  • Performance: 2600 RPM, 16mm amplitude, up to 95 dB noise
  • What’s Included: Charger, case,  3 attachments

VI Jigsaw

Hard hitting with a little bit of raucous 

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Recovery Massage Gun:

Over the past 5 years, I have tested and/or reviewed over 100 massage guns. If I’m going to recommend one, I do everything in my power to offer objective, meaningful information so that you, the consumer, can make a more informed buying decision. 

And of course, with every massage gun review, I do like to comment on subjective findings like aesthetics. Because honestly, the way something looks or feels matters too.

That said, each recovery massager is judged based on the following criteria:

Power and Speed Settings: Importance of adjustable speed settings for different muscle groups

When selecting a massage gun, one of the crucial factors to consider is its power and speed settings. Different muscle groups require varying levels of intensity and pressure to achieve optimal relaxation and recovery. Adjustable speed settings allow you to tailor the massage experience according to your specific needs.
For example, larger muscles such as the glutes or quadriceps may benefit from higher speeds and deeper percussions, while more delicate areas like the neck or calves may require lower speeds for a gentler approach. Having control over the speed settings ensures that you can customize your massage session to effectively target different muscle groups with precision.
Another aspect related to power and speed is the impact force and percussion depth offered by a massage gun. Impact force refers to the amount of pressure applied while delivering percussions, whereas percussion depth indicates how deeply these percussions penetrate into your muscles.
A massage gun with adjustable impact force allows you to increase or decrease the intensity as needed, ensuring comfort during use. Similarly, varying percussion depths provide flexibility in targeting superficial or deep-seated muscles for a comprehensive massage experience.


Battery Life and Charging Options: Different types of batteries used in massage guns (e.g., lithium-ion)

Battery life and charging options are essential considerations when choosing a massage gun that suits your needs. A longer battery life ensures uninterrupted relaxation without worrying about frequent recharges.
Lithium-ion batteries have become increasingly popular due to their high energy density, lightweight nature, and long-lasting performance. They offer extended usage durations before requiring recharge, making them ideal for those who prefer longer massage sessions or multiple sessions throughout the day.
Charging time is also an important factor as it impacts convenience and portability. Opting for a massage gun with fast-charging capabilities can significantly reduce downtime between uses.
Additionally, some recovery massage guns offer versatile charging options such as USB-C ports or wireless charging pads, providing flexibility and convenience for users on the go. Considering your usage patterns and lifestyle will help determine the ideal battery life and charging options that align with your preferences.


Attachments and Versatility: Overview of various attachment heads (e.g., ball, fork, flat) for different needs

The attachments included with a massage gun contribute to its versatility and ability to target specific muscle groups effectively. Different attachment heads offer varying sensations and benefits, allowing you to personalize your massage experience based on your unique requirements. Common attachment heads include balls, forks, flats, cones, and bullets.
Ball attachments are suitable for large muscle groups like the back or thighs. The round shape provides a broad coverage area while delivering deep percussions.
Fork attachments are ideal for targeting smaller muscle groups or areas with bony prominences such as the neck or spine. The prongs of fork attachments allow for more precise targeting without discomfort.
Flat attachments provide a broader surface area contact and are suitable for larger muscles like the glutes or quads. They distribute percussions evenly across the muscle group being treated.
Cone-shaped attachments are designed specifically for trigger point therapy or addressing localized tension spots in muscles. Bullet-shaped attachments deliver concentrated percussions to release knots or trigger points effectively.
Moreover, consider massage guns for recovery that offer interchangeability options for attachment heads. This feature enables you to switch between different attachment types according to your specific needs at any given time during your massage session.


Noise Level: Impact on relaxation experience

The noise level produced by a massage gun can significantly impact your overall relaxation experience during use. Excessive noise can be distracting and hinder the calming ambiance you seek during a massage session. However, rest assured that advancements in technology have led to quieter models available in the market today.
Manufacturers now focus on incorporating noise reduction mechanisms in their massage guns to provide a more peaceful and immersive experience. These innovations include enhanced motor design, improved internal dampening systems, and sound insulation materials.
When selecting a massage gun, consider models that prioritize noise reduction to ensure a tranquil environment while enjoying the benefits of percussive therapy. When choosing a massage gun, it is essential to consider factors such as power and speed settings, battery life and charging options, attachments and versatility, as well as noise level.
Understanding the importance of adjustable speed settings for different muscle groups allows for targeted relief. Battery life and charging options determine convenience and portability.
Versatile attachment heads cater to specific needs while noise reduction enhances the overall relaxation experience. By considering these factors in combination with personal preferences, you can select the best massage gun that suits your unique requirements for optimal relaxation and recovery.

The Worst Massage Guns Of 2024

For all the great massage guns available, there’s bound to be a few duds. Unfortunately, the worst massage guns we are about to call out are actually quite popular among consumers. And yeah, those who have already bought them might even disagree with us. We’ll do our best to justify why we think you should take a hard pass.

Don’t Buy This Costco Massage Gun: Sharper Image Power Percussion Review

worst massage gun sharper image power percussion

We get a lot of flack for saying this, but the Sharper Image Power Percussion massage gun from Costco is not a good buy

Contrary to the many 5-star reviews on Costco’s website, we simply cannot recommend this recovery massage gun, and here’s why: Without comparing it to any other massage gun, the Sharper Image Power Percussion is a decent device. It’s relatively lightweight, it looks well-designed, and the motor is pretty quiet. As a massager, it works as it should and for the price (currently $79.99), it seems like a great deal. 

However, if you’ve tested as many massage guns as we have, you’d quickly realize that the Sharper Image massage gun comes up short in almost every regard

4 Reasons To Not Buy The Sharper Image Massage Gun

Reason #1

First and foremost, the Costco massage gun is equipped with a seriously underpowered motor. With a claimed stall force of only 30 lbs, we found that even with moderate pressure, the massage head would abruptly stop percussing. In other words, if you’re someone that prefers a massager that “digs in”, this one does a very poor job. 

Reason #2

But that’s not all. Even if the Sharper Image Power Percussion massage gun had more guts, the massage head has a measly 8mm amplitude. Amplitude refers to how far the massage head travels back and forth as it percusses. The larger the amplitude, the deeper the massage. 

For comparison’s sake, most massage guns have a 12mm amplitude which is the sweet spot from our testing. It’s enough to get deep into the muscles, without feeling like a jackhammer. 

Reason #3

This is hit or miss, but the battery in the Sharper Image massage gun is fairly unreliable too. A large number of consumers have complained that the battery will abruptly die without warning. That’s an issue we often see with companies that use sub-par batteries. 

Reason #4

If all that wasn’t enough, the final reason we would not recommend the Costco Sharper Image massage gun is that it comes with a horrible warranty of only 90 days. That’s by far the worst out there, with many offering a minimum 1-year warranty.

We love Costco about as much as anyone, but in our opinion, the Sharper Image massage gun is one of the worst you can buy. Buyer beware! 

Sharper Image Power Percussion vs Theragun and Hyperice Hypervolt

If you’re wondering if you’ll be happy with the much less expensive Sharper Image massage gun versus a Theragun or Hypervolt, the short answer is, no. Theragun and Hypervolt have both built their reputations on offering the best-of-the-best percussive performance, something the Sharper Image just can’t match.

If the price is the only incentive you have to buy the Sharper Image Power Percussion, stop right there and consider one of these budget-friendly massage guns that are $150 or less. You’ll be happy you did.

The Most Prone To Have Battery Failure: Legiral Massage Gun

worst massage gun

The recovery massager from Legiral is one of many Hypervolt knock-offs that misses the mark big time. Due to a widespread battery issue, the Legiral massage gun simply won’t turn on!

With middling specs and design, the Legiral is very much a forgettable massage gun that has somehow gained in popularity. It must be good marketing because the massage gun from Legiral certainly isn’t selling from word of mouth.

Don’t Buy The Legiral Massage Gun

Why? Because the massager from Legiral has a significant problem with it either not turning on or charging. Don’t believe us? Do a Google search for Legiral massage gun and look at the auto-suggestions that pop up. “Legiral massage gun not charging” is one of the top search results. 

We assume that most people bought from Legiral because the price seemed too good to pass up, but that’s exactly what you should do–pass this one up. 

Like so many manufacturers, particularly those that primarily sell on Amazon, Legiral uses an inferior battery that simply won’t last. This is a classic example of how paying just a little more money, will net you a much better massage gun.

Related Reading: Don’t Buy The Mahli Cordless Muscle Massager

Brookstone Massage Gun Review: Not Worth Your Time and Money

brookstone massage gun

Similar to the massage gun from Sharper Image, the Brookstone deep tissue massage gun relies too much on its branding over quality

Brookstone came to notoriety as being the go-to spot at shopping malls full of various massage chairs and devices. As sales began to plummet, many of those stores are now closed. Again, like Sharper Image, most of their products are either found direct to consumer online or from third-party retailers like Wal-Mart.

With a price tag right around $70, the Brookstone massage gun might seem like you’re getting a deal versus the competition, but you’re really not. 

Equipped with mediocre specs and middling power, the Brookstone massage gun is just–ok. Meaning, it does what it’s supposed to, but the overall experience is lacking relative to some other budget-priced massage guns available. 

For a more comprehensive list of cheap alternative massage guns, be sure to check out our Best Budget Massage Gun list. 

Massage Gun FAQ

Are Massage Guns Effective?

Logically, for anyone interested in purchasing a recovery massager gun, the number one questions asked are “Is a massage gun effective?” or similarly “Is a massage gun worth it?”. Those are two very valid questions worth exploring and we’ll attempt to answer them with some science-based research.

Before we dive into the research, let’s first explore some of the promoted benefits and/or claims that massage gun companies advertise. 

Theragun, the company that pioneered the percussion massager, claims that using one will “enhance muscle recovery, release stress and tension, and soothe discomfort”. 

But that’s not all. Other companies tout benefits that using a massage gun will increase blood flow, help lengthen muscles, and also break up adhesions or scar tissue. 

That’s quite a lofty list! Similar claims can be abundantly found across the internet, but are they valid? 

Do Percussion Massage Guns Really Work?

do massage guns actually work?

Okay, so we’ve heard the sales pitch, now let’s see what the science says about percussion massage guns.

Published in the US National Library of Medicine in 2014, vibration therapy and massage were studied to see if they were an effective means of preventing DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness). In other words, that feeling of sheer muscle discomfort that you have throughout your body the day following an intense workout. 

They concluded: “The result of this study indicates that vibration therapy and massage therapy both are equally effective in prevention of DOMS.”

To be clear, they did NOT use massage guns as part of the study. That said, massage guns do produce both vibration and tapotement (percussion), both of which mimic those therapies. 

Massage Guns Improve Range of Motion Studies

In a more recent study published in The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2020), a Hypervolt was used on the plantar flexor muscles to determine if it increased range of motion and performance. 

The conclusion? Although they did see an increase in overall range of motion (ROM), they did not necessarily notice a direct correlation to improved muscle performance

Muscle Recovery Study

In a third study, vibration therapy was employed to determine its effectiveness in preventing quadricep muscle fatigue. Again, the evidence for increasing muscle performance was still undetermined. However, early trials did indicate that vibration did in fact increase motor muscle activation, which could lead to accelerated muscle recovery. 

So do percussion massage guns work? So far, all signs point to yes. As always, science is ever-evolving and as more studies are completed, the evidence should continue to amass. 

If you’re wondering about the best practices to safely use a massage gun, take a look at our in-depth guide, How To Effectively Use A Massage Gun.

What Is Massage Gun Amplitude?

When it comes to massage guns, depth is a key factor to consider. This is often referred to as amplitude and is determined by the stroke length of the device – think of it like the distance a piston travels in a cylinder. In the case of a massage gun, it’s the distance the head moves from being close to the device to extending out towards your muscle.

On our list, you’ll find massage guns with stroke lengths ranging from 10 millimeters (like LifePro DynaMini) to a whopping 16 millimeters for Theragun designs. If you’re interested in the benefits of percussive therapy, it’s generally recommended to look for a massage gun with a stroke length of at least 10 millimeters. For most users, we recommend going with a depth between 12 and 16 millimeters.

Is Massage Gun Stall Force Important?

Are you looking to get the most out of your massage gun? Keep an eye on the stall force! This measurement tells you how much pressure the motor can handle before it stops working. If the stall force is low (like 0 pounds), even the slightest touch to your skin could cause the gun to stop.

On the other hand, a stall force of 70 pounds means you can really crank up the pressure for a deep-tissue massage. Just be warned: the higher the stall force, the more intense the massage will be.

Most people will be fine with a stall force of 40 pounds or less, but athletes and physical therapists might want something stronger. Just keep in mind that larger and heavier guns tend to have lower stall forces. And be wary of any massage gun that doesn’t list the stall force – it’s a crucial detail to consider!

What's the Average Massage Gun Battery Life?

average Theragun massage gun battery life

Most massage guns are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that’ll keep the good vibes flowing for hours on end. On the lower end, you can expect around 2 hours of cordless operation, and on the high end, a whopping 8 hours! Just think, if you use your massage gun for a daily 15-minute massage, you’ll only need to recharge it once a week or once a month.

But don’t let battery life be a deal breaker – unless you’re constantly on the go or plan on taking your massage gun on a power-free adventure, it’s not a major factor to consider.

How Loud Are Massage Guns?

For the most part, massage guns are relatively quiet, enough so that you can watch TV or carry on a conversation without shouting.

When we tested different massage guns, we found that they ranged from 55-75 decibels when used at arm’s length. Theragun, Hypervolt, and Ekrin massagers tend to be louder because they have more powerful motors. That said, as technology improves, we can expect newer models to be even quieter. 

Is Bluetooth an Important Feature To Have?

massage gun with bluetooth connectivity

Are you a tech-savvy massage gun user? Then you’ll love the premium options that come with Bluetooth connectivity and their own smartphone apps! These apps can sync with your fitness tracker, like Apple Health, to create a personalized massage and recovery plan just for you.

The app can even tell you which attachment to use, how long to massage, and the right pressure and speed to apply. And if you’re new to a recovery massage gun or just want some extra guidance, the app can even control your massage gun and provide on-screen instructions for a preset routine.

Are Amazon Massage Guns Worth It?

why your massage gun won't charge or turn on
Although inexpensive, some Amazon massage guns aren't worth buying.

Are you thinking about buying a percussion massage gun on Amazon? You’re not alone! The online marketplace is filled with options that are often priced at $100 or less. While it may seem tempting to save some cash by going with one of these brands, it’s important to understand the tradeoffs.

These models may not have the same level of fit and finish as more premium brands like Theragun or Hypervolt. They also may not have features like charging docks, Bluetooth app connectivity, or removable batteries.

In terms of performance, these Amazon models may advertise high motor speeds, but they may not have the same level of amplitude or stall force as more expensive brands. Additionally, their build quality may not be as sturdy, which could be an issue if you plan on using your massage gun frequently.

Finally, customer service can also be a factor to consider – some Amazon brands may not have a dedicated customer support team. To make an informed decision, it’s a good idea to read reviews, visit the brand’s website, or contact them directly to determine their credibility.

What Are Some Alternatives To Using a Percussion Massager?

Looking to give your muscles some extra love? If you’re not into intense massages, you might want to opt for a lighter tool like a vibrational or kneading massage device.

And, while percussion guns can be great for larger muscle groups, they might not be as practical for targeting small areas like the neck or back. No problem, though!

There are plenty of other options out there like foam rollers, muscle stimulators, and vibration plates

15 Benefits of a Percussion Massage Gun

  1. Increased blood flow: Massage guns can help increase blood flow to the muscles, which can aid in recovery and improve overall muscle function.

  2. Reduced muscle soreness: May reduce muscle soreness and stiffness, making it a great tool for post-workout recovery.

  3. Improved range of motion: A massager may help loosen up tight muscles, which can improve range of motion and flexibility.

  4. Decreased muscle tension: The deep penetrating massage provided by a percussion massage gun can help to decrease muscle tension, making it a great tool for those with chronic pain or tension headaches.

  5. Increased muscle endurance: Regular use of a percussion massage gun can help to increase muscle endurance, making it a great tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

  6. Improved muscle recovery: The deep tissue massage provided by a percussion massage gun can help to speed up muscle recovery, making it a great tool for those who participate in regular physical activity.

  7. Better sleep: A massager invokes overall relaxation, which can lead to better sleep.

  8. Reduced stress and anxiety: A massage gun can reduce stress and anxiety, making it a great tool for those who struggle with these issues.

  9. Improved posture: The deep tissue massage provided by a percussion massage gun can help to release tension in the muscles and improve overall posture.

  10. Increased collagen production: A percussion massager gun can help to increase collagen production, which can lead to healthier and more youthful-looking skin.

  11. Reduced cellulite: Regular use of a percussion massage gun can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, making it a great tool for those looking to improve the appearance of their skin.

  12. Improved athletic performance: Regular use of a percussion massage gun can help to improve athletic performance by increasing blood flow to the muscles and reducing muscle soreness and tension.

  13. Increased flexibility: The deep tissue massage provided by a percussion massage gun can help to increase flexibility, making it a great tool for those looking to improve their overall mobility.

  14. Reduced recovery time: Using a percussion massager can help to speed up recovery time, making it a great tool for those who participate in regular physical activity.

  15. Improved overall well-being: The deep tissue massage can help to improve overall well-being by reducing muscle soreness, tension, and stress, and increasing blood flow and flexibility.

It’s clear that a percussion recovery massage gun can offer a wide range of benefits to those who use it. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance, or someone looking to reduce muscle soreness and tension, a percussion massage gun can be a valuable tool. It’s easy to use, portable, and can be used for various body parts and areas. It’s an effective alternative for a professional massage and you can use it any time you want.

Post Updated: December 2023

Content updated to reflect the latest information and pricing. Newly released massage guns that we tested were added to the list.

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