amp human pr lotion review

Amp Human PR Lotion Review

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If you’re the type of person that likes to perform at their best, whether that be in the gym, in a competition, or otherwise, you’re likely always on the lookout for a leg up. Decidedly, the one limiting factor that separates a win over a loss comes down to muscular endurance, strength, and recovery. The solution? Amp Human PR Lotion.

PR Lotion is a bicarb based lotion that is designed to help alleviate muscle fatigue, thus allowing you to perform at your peak for a longer duration. Sounds promising, right?

Can the topically applied Amp Human PR Lotion from Momentous really take your fitness to the next level? I read all the hype and wanted to find out for myself how well it actually works and if it’s worth buying. Does this product truly deliver on its promises?

Read on for our in-depth Amp Human PR Lotion review. 

Amp Human Bicarb Lotion: What is it?

It’s a funny thing in the fitness industry how seemingly “new” supplements gain mainstream notoriety.  Amp Human PR Lotion with bicarb is one such example. Although a relatively new company, the use of bicarb to prolong physical endurance is nothing new. 

In reality, bicarb or sodium bicarbonate (HCO3), has actually been used by athletes for years to help improve symptoms of muscular fatigue and recovery. Previously taken orally, supplementing with bicarb was a bit of a gamble because for many, it would cause gastrointestinal distress, a.k.a. diarrhea and/or cramps. Yikes!

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So what is bicarb and how does it affect human performance?

Bicarbonate is a byproduct of your body’s own metabolism. Processed in the kidneys, excreted bicarb helps regulate your internal pH levels or acid balance. 

For anyone that frequently works out, you’re probably all too familiar with the deleterious effects of lactic acid buildup. You know what I’m talking about, the severe muscles aches, pains, cramps or DOMS that result from intense exercise. 

That’s a result of lactic acid buildup and sodium bicarbonate is what counterbalances it.  

Like taking TUMS for acid reflux, sodium bicarbonate acts in a similar way within the muscles to neutralize the acid, allowing your muscles to work harder, longer. 

Amp Human: My Experience 

With any product, especially a rub on lotion that claims to make you Superman (not exactly), I tend to proceed with skepticism. 

Used and endorsed by numerous professional athletes, including triathletes, pro cyclists, and runners, Amp Human PR Lotion is in fact scientifically backed for effectiveness. I figured if it’s good enough for the Pros, it might just be good enough for me.

Despite endless attempts at stretching, foam rolling, and using a massage gun, my calves are  still chronically tight. Because of that, they always seem to burn during any sort of aerobic or HIIT workout that requires running, jumping, and the like. 

So for me, I knew exactly where I wanted to apply the bicarb lotion–my calves!

amp human bicarb pr lotion
If you can ignore the calloused hands, you'll notice the consistency of PR Lotion comes out pretty thick.

PR Lotion Application

As you can see in the picture, PR Lotion comes out pretty thick. The texture feels mildly gritty with a strong, not overpowering, Menthol fragrance. 

As the instructions indicate, it’s best to apply generously. Since bicarb is new to me, I decided to go the more conservative route just to see how my body would react to it. 

Rubbing PR Lotion in is fairly effortless, not much different than any other pain relieving cream out there. Once absorbed, your skin is definitely left with a mild tingle from the Menthol. I really don’t mind the sensation, but some might find it bothersome. 

Amp Human PR Lotion First Workout

After giving the lotion a few minutes to soak in, I got right into my usual leg day workout that consisted of squats, deadlifts, and a couple other burners. 

Initially, I’m not certain I felt much of a difference. This being all new to me, I honestly don’t know what I should expect either. 

As the sets progressed and the weights increased, I did notice something: I was breathing just as hard as ever, but my legs still felt primed for more. Call it a fluke. Call it a placebo. IDK, but the fatigue I would normally experience just wasn’t there, particularly in my calves. 

I finished with a 4 minute jump rope Tabata and again, I was winded, but I didn’t have that same burning sensation in my muscles that I usually do. Consider me skeptically optimistic at this point. 

Since then, I apply Amp Human lotion before every leg workout. For me, it works. Workouts are easier (no they’re not. they’re always hard) and recovery time is cut down too. I have not tried it on my upper body for arms/chest days yet, but I’m anxious to give it a go. 

Does Bicarb Lotion Actually Work?

Studies Say So.

So you have my subjective opinion, but does bicarb lotion actually work and are there studies to back it up? Actually, there are.

According to one study, participants experienced a 53.5% reduction in post-workout DOMS and a heart rate that was 3.1% lower than the control group. 

There are a number of other studies out there with similar results.

Outside of the scientific community, consumer reviews of Amp Human PR Lotion are extremely positive as well.

One user states: “Most weeks I would race Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. Crazy? Not with this stuff. I can go hard on the bike day after day. Never getting that soreness that forced me to rest. I also used to struggle with leg cramps and while I still get them sometimes, using PR lotion has drastically reduced them.”

Final Thoughts

Because everyone is unique and responds differently, your guess is as good as mine if using Amp Human will help you. I do think there are enough users out there with some pretty incredible results to at least encourage you to give it a try. For me, however, it’s been an invaluable addition to my fitness routine. 

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Fast acting bicarb lotion for endurance athletes and muscle recovery

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