the ice pod review

The Ice Pod Review

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Answer me this: What does Joe Rogan, Chris Hemsworth, Lady Gaga, and Kim Kardashian all have in common? Besides being mega-celebrities in their own right, they all can’t stop clamoring about the benefits of ice bath tubs or cold plunge.

Ice baths have skyrocketed in popularity over the last year or two with the promise of aiding muscle recovery, reducing inflammation, and boosting overall health and well-being. The only problem? The ones the Stars promote are super nice with a super price.

Fortunately, I have goods news! There’s actually a really affordable alternative available from the Pod Company called The Ice Pod. Today we’re going to unbox The Ice Pod, try it out, and give an unbiased review of what we think of it.

Let’s take the plunge!

Why You Can Trust Us?

I’ve been actively rehabbing individuals with injuries for over 10 years. For many, part of the rehabilitation process involves using certain tools and modalities to facilitate and promote healing. Cryotherapy (in all forms including ice baths), has played an integral role.

the ice pod review

The Ice Pod: What is it?

The Ice Pod is a portable, easily collapsible, full immersion ice bath for those that are on a budget.

I first stumbled upon it online as I was researching inexpensive cold plunge alternatives to review. I have never heard of the Pod Company, but the sub $200 price tag caught my attention and I immediately ordered one.

the ice pod review

I’m not always so compulsive, but with a 30 day refund period (must be unused) and backed by a standard 6 month warranty, I figured why not. If I didn’t care for it, I could always ship it back, right?

Now that I’ve had the chance to use it, I gotta tell ya, I’ve fallen in love.

Ice Pod Specs

Dimensions:Diameter: 32 inches (80cm)
Height: 29 inches (72cm)
Weight:7 lbs (empty) up to 600+ lbs (full of water)
Capacity: 79 gallons
Suitable Height:Individual up to 6’9″
Warranty:6 months standard. Up to 2 extended years for a small fee.

About The Ice Pod

While The Ice Pod may be basic in design, it’s the simplicity of it that has me sold. From the unboxing and setup to filling and takedown, The Ice Pod is very uncomplicated and straightforward.

From the moment it arrived to me hopping in for the first time, the entire setup process took no more than 30 minutes. 20 of those minutes was waiting for the water to fill up. And perhaps a minute more psyching myself out to get in already.

Now The Ice Pod is available in a standard and PRO version. For just a little bit more money, I opted for the PRO version because it is made of slightly better UV protected material and it’s better insulated (requiring less ice).

A PRO bundle is also available which includes an insulated lid, thermometer, and extended 1 year warranty. In retrospect, I think that is probably the best option of the three.


  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Setup is a breeze
  • Takes up a minimal amount of space
  • Upgraded versions and accessories available
  • Pre-attached drain spout for easy draining


  • Initial quality is more than acceptable, but likely prone to failure with extensive use
  • Requires a significant amount of ice to maintain desired temperature
  • Must be refilled after several uses

What’s Included The Box?

  • 1x Ice Pod
  • 1x Hand pump
  • 1x Cover lid
  • 1x Drainage hose
  • 1x 6 months full warranty (extendable)
  • 1x Free home delivery
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User Experience

man sitting in the Ice Pod cold plunge

As I mentioned, there are plenty of expensive ice bath options available. The Plunge, for example, will set you back about $5k. With built-in cooling systems, fancy lights, and phone holders, they’re a luxury item for sure. All nice things, that come with a premium price tag.

Any reasonable person should know that at $120, The Ice Pod will not compare. That’s not to say it’s not without its virtues.

For instance, I personally don’t have the space for a dedicated ice bath. And if I did, I still don’t think I would want to mess with the long-term responsibilities of owning a dedicated unit.

The Ice Pod on the other hand can be set up and collapsed in a matter of minutes wherever and whenever I want. Measuring 32″ round and 29″ high, it has a relatively small footprint that will fit almost anywhere. I had doubts, but at 5’10” tall myself, I have no problems fitting inside.

Durability and Construction

cold plunge used outdoors
A plastic outdoor rug is placed underneath to protect the Ice Pod.

The Ice Pod is made with a 3-ply construction. The outside is a soft durable fabric, the middle layer consists of a pearl insulation, and the inside is lined with white PVC for waterproofing.

To hold it upright, PVC pipes are inserted into pockets around the walls. When filled with water, it becomes fairly rigid and holds its form well.

My initial impressions are that it is made very well. That said, the materials are thin overall. How well the Ice Pod holds up after continual use is to be determined.

I believe if you’re careful entering and exiting the ice bath, keep it away from anything remotely sharp, and out of direct sunlight, it should hold up over time.

This too is just my opinion, but I would absolutely opt for the extended warranty at checkout for added peace of mind.

Other Optional Accessories

Again, the standard version is pretty barebones and any extra accessories are…extra. That includes an insulated lid, thermometer, and a water circulation pump. Perhaps the most exciting accessory is the all-new Water Chiller.

The Water Chiller is an external electrical cooling pump that will circulate and chill the water. Essentially, it’s exactly the same thing as the premium ice baths. The downside? There are two versions available and they’ll run you either $999 or $1499. Ouch!

The Water Chiller ice bath cooler

It sure beats running to the store for ice every other day, which cost would add up over time. But a grand is a grand. That’s not throwaway money by any means. It’s great to know the option is available.

Ordering and Delivery

The shopping experience for me has been great. Navigating their website, perusing the products, and checkout is seamless. Any promo codes like ours, RECOVATECH (get $10 off), is easily applied.

Besides a debit/credit card, you can use ShopPay, Google Pay, or Meta Pay.

Thankfully, all Ice Pods come with free standard delivery.

Final Verdict of The Ice Pod Review

Put it this way, if you’ve never tried an ice bath or you only do it on an infrequent basis, The Ice Pod is the perfect portal of entry. Alternatively, if you are someone that would like to take your ice bath with you on the go, buy it. You’ll love it.

Taken at face value and understanding its limitations, I would not hesitate to recommend the Ice Pod. Based on the other online customer reviews, I’m not alone in saying that either. Minus a few complaints, feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

The Ice Pod

Get $10 off with promo code RECOVATECH applied at checkout.


How Much Ice Do I Need To Add?

13-26 lbs of ice is recommended depending on how cold you want the water. That also might vary depending on the ambient outside temperature.

What Is The Recommended Water Temperature For An Ice Bath?

55-59 degrees Fahrenheit is the general recommendation. It’s best to start out warmer and adjust the temperature as you become more acclimated. Although you can go colder, more risks of hypothermia and other health-related problems become more likely.

How Often Do I Need To Clean The Ice Bath?

If you want to keep the water clean for a longer period of time, add 1 pound of salt to a full pod. With salt added, water can stay in the pod for 2-4 weeks. With no salt added, clean the unit after every 3-5 plunges.

How To Assemble The Ice Pod

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Setting up the Ice Pod for the first time is simple.

  1. Pre-Inspection

    When the Ice Pod arrives, take all of the items out of the box and make sure everything is there. Inspect the outside of the pod for any potential holes.the ice pod included parts and accessories

  2. Assembly

    Start by attaching the included o-ring to the outside of the drain plug. Then screw on the drain faucet, making sure it’s screwed on tight. The slide the included PVC pipes into the sleeves of the outside covering.assembly instructions for the ice pod ice bath

  3. Inflate

    Using the included pump, fill the external ring up with air. ONce you’ve found a suitable location, one that can withstand up to 700 lbs of weight, proceed to fill the Ice Pod. Only fill it 3/4 of the way to the top. Water will displace once you get to assemble the ice pod

  4. Add Ice
    Once it’s full of water, add 2-3 bags of ice. Use a thermometer and add more or less ice depending on how cold you want it. Enjoy the freeze.

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