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Best Adjustable Kettlebell in 2024

Kettlebells have long been heralded as the must-have workout equipment to shed pounds and fast-track your overall fitness. Unfortunately, owning an entire set of kettlebells is not only expensive, but takes up a serious amount of garage gym flooring real estate too.

What’s the solution? An adjustable kettlebell!

Adjustable kettlebells are an all-in-one solution that can replace up to 6 stand alone kettlebells. Designed with removable plates, most adjustable kettlebells can accommodate anywhere from 5 up to 40 lbs of weight. Kilogram options are also available with similar weight.

Buying an adjustable kettlebell is also a smart decision too. Since the onset of the pandemic (ugh), many have turned to working out at home as a safety precaution.  Interest in home gyms, exercises, and equipment has exploded in recent years. Check out this graph from Google trends:

Unsurprisingly, with so many now exercising from home, workout equipment supply has dwindled drastically! Finding a company that has kettlebells in stock is nearly impossible. That’s why going the adjustable kettlebell route is perhaps a much more feasible option since you won’t be scrambling looking for multiple different sizes.  

We’ve compiled a list of the best adjustable kettlebells you can currently purchase in 2024 and why we think they’re worth your money.

Bowflex, a pioneer in the fitness industry, recently added their all-new kettlebell to the SelectTech line. With a futuristic design and unmatched warranty, you’re going to love this adjustable kettlebell.

The SelectTech 840’s design may not follow the conventional kettlebell mold, but for us, it’s been a non-issue. For us, we’ve been able to perform every type of kettlebell workout without compromise. 

From 8 to 40 lbs, the Bowflex offers 6 adjustable settings to accommodate your workout intensity. To select the different weights, you simply need to firmly turn the dial and you’re all set to go again.

We’ve been actively using this adjustable kettlebell in the gym for the past 18 months and it has held up remarkably well. Given that the body is made from a composite material, a little bit of care is needed to make sure you don’t crack the casing. 

Bowflex also gives you access to their virtual online library of 24 kettlebell workout videos to help get you started. 

Bowflex SelectTech 840

A great addition to any home gym!

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Most Kettlebell-Like Adjustable Alternative

The REP fitness adjustable kettlebell may look like a regular kettlebell with it’s exterior cast iron build, but inside hides 4 removable plates that collectively add up to 8-16kg. 

It’s really a very clever design. With all of the weights tucked away inside, the overall feel of a traditional kettlebell is maintained. With a quick twist of the dial, you can add or subtract plates on demand. 

REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

A great addition to any home gym!

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Best Economical Adjustable Kettlebell

The Yes4All adjustable kettlebell from offers a really basic package that incorporates 6 cast iron plates each weighing in at 5 lbs.  In our opinion, that’s the perfect amount of incremental weight to maximize your workout. 

All loaded up, the Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell takes on the look and feel of a traditional kettlebell. Weight too much? No problem! With a simple twist of the built-in dial, you can easily remove plates to match your desired weight. 

Yes4All Kettlebell

Basic design but gets the job done.

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Best Adjustable Kettlebell Alternative

The Kettle Gryp is a smart solution for those that want the versatility of a kettlebell but only have dumbells on hand. 

It may be light, but the Kettle Gryp is extremely well made and is engineered to hold up to 55lbs! And because it’s so portable, it’s the perfect travel companion. 

With a 4.6/5 star rating, you can assured you’re investing in a quality product. 

Kettle GRYP

Convert any dumbell into a kettlebell

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Buyer’s Guide: What to look for in an Adjustable Kettlebell

Finding and choosing the right adjustable kettlebell is an important part of any buying decision. You want to consider all of the factors, so you’re not left wanting in the long-term. 

Here are a few considerations:

Kettlebell Weight

Unlike traditional kettlebells, adjustable kettlebells are limited in the total amount of weight they can accomodate. For instance, on our buyer’s list, the incremental weight varies from about 8 to 40 lbs. There are some that go up to 50 lbs, but aren’t as common. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to develop a large amount of muscle mass through increased weight, an adjustable kettlebell might be too limited for you. Alternatively, you would need to approach your strength training with a higher rep, lower weight regimen. 

However, the total weight should not be a deterrent for most. For those more interested in cardio, HIIT, or any conditioning type workouts, a lower weight would be recommended anyway. 

Weight Increments

Just like the total weight is an important factor when buying an adjustable kettlebell, so is the incremental weight. 

If the weight difference between one setting to another is too much for you to handle, it might be wise to find an adjustable kettlebell set that will better suit your abilities.

For example, the Bowflex model includes weight increments of 8, 12, 20, 25, 35, and 40 lbs. If the jump from 12 all the way up to 20lbs would be too much for you, finding a kettlebell that offers a 5lb increase would be a better option. 

Adjustable vs Standard Kettlebells Benefits

The number of reasons you should be using a Kettlebell in general are almost limitless. Check out this video for a few reasons:

Specifically, there are some key benefits to going the adjustable kettlebell route vs. the standard type.

Space Savings

It goes without saying that having one kettlebell that does the work of six will obviously cut down on the amount of space required to store it.

Those with limited space will appreciate the reduction of clutter home equipment often makes.

Overall Cost of Ownership

The average cost per kettlebell can range anywhere from $24 all the way up to $246 each!

For comparisons sake, if you were to visit Rogue’s website and add up the total of the six lightest kettlebells starting with 9 lbs all the way up to 40 lbs, that would run you about $250. If you consider that most adjustable kettlebells can be had for just a little over $100, that’s a substantial savings. 

More Options

The mere fact that you can quickly change the weight of an adjustable kettlebell is a huge selling point. If you’re engaged in a cross training type workout, you probably will want the ability to go from lesser to higher weight without fuss. 

Also, if you happen to live in a household where several different people share the kettlebell, the variable weight options might also be handy.

The Best Upper Body Kettlebell Workouts

As you probably already knew or have come to discover, a kettlebell is one of the most versatile workout tools around. Unlike Shake Weights and Thighmasters, the kettlebell is not some new-found fad. In fact, the use of kettlebells dates back to the late 19th century strength competitions!

When properly used, a kettlebell can torch almost every single muscle in your upper body.

Try these workouts and thank us after you’ve pulled yourself off the floor and dried off the sweat.

The Best Lower Body Kettlebell Exercises

Whether you’re intentionally targeting them or not, almost any type of kettlebell workout is going to target the lower body muscles too. Famous for sculpting tight bums, huge quads, and washboard abs, check out this video specifically geared towards the lower body. 


We hope we’ve given you plenty of info and motivation to get you started with adjustable kettlebells. There are very few trade-offs relative to the standard style and they offer a ton of flexibility. 

If you’re looking for more at-home workout equipment or recovery ideas, check out our lists of the best equipment, foam rollers, massage guns, vibration platescold plunge, and electrical stimulators.

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