lifepro allevachill recovery ice tub review

LifePro Allevachill Recovery Ice Tub Review

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Picture this: You’ve just crushed an intense workout. Your muscles are screaming in a bittersweet symphony of triumph and fatigue. As a fitness aficionado, you know that the key to unlocking your full potential lies in recovery. By now, you’ve likely watched every torturous cold plunge video there is. Heck, if Joe Rogan says it’s great for recovery, it must be, right? And so, you’ve convinced yourself that going to the brink of hypothermia is the answer. But which one should you buy? We’ve already told you all about the Ice Pod and the Chill Pod, but now there’s an alternative we think you should consider. Say hello to the LifePro Allevachill Recovery Ice Tub – one of the best portable ice bath tubs that’s as convenient as it is effective.

LifePro Allevachill Specs

Footprint32in diameter x 30in height
Weight (empty)6 lbs
Water Capacity92.5 gallons
Included AccessoriesIce tub, foot pump, cover, patch kit, storage bag

A Quick Look At The Allevachill Recovery Ice Tub

lifepro allevachill review

If you’re not familiar with LifePro, you should be. They’ve been selling high-quality, innovative workout and recovery gear for years now. From their massage guns to vibration plates, we’ve been a huge proponent of theirs. Mostly because everything they sell is backed by a lifetime warranty. A warranty they truly stand behind.

The Allevachill is no different and yet another testament to their dedication to offering the latest on-trend recovery tools at a super affordable price.

Is The Allevachill Worth It?

Portable cold plunge ice tubs are popping up everywhere nowadays. Each promising to be better than the other. But is the Allevachill any better and worth your hard-earned money?

As you’ll soon see, we go into a lot more detail, but to summarize: Yes, absolutely!


  • Affordable Price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Travel friendly
  • Excellent initial quality
  • Lifetime warranty


The Allevachill In Action

While standalone built-in cold plunges are a luxury we all aspire to own, portable cold plunges certainly have their virtues. With a portable cold plunge ice bath, you can bring the magic of cold therapy wherever you go. And in our opinion, that is why the Allevachill or similar ice tubs are so appealing. But there’s more to it than just that.

It Can Be Set Up In Minutes

lifepro allevachill cold plunge

As someone who values efficiency, you know that time is precious, especially when it comes to recovery. The Portable Cold Plunge Ice Bath gets it.

Setting up the Allevachill for the first time is both intuitive and simple. From unboxing to filling with water, you’ll be chilling like a pro in a fully functional ice bath in 10 minutes. No, really.

Once you’ve laid out the ice tub on the floor, all you need to do is slide the support poles in, fill the inflatable ring, close the two drain plugs, and you’re ready to fill.

And the best part? Tear down is just as fast and everything handily fits into the included 28″x16″ storage bag.

Allevachill Size

lifepro allevachill ice bath

The Allevachill Recovery Tub only weighs about 6 pounds (empty of course) and measures 32 inches round by 30 inches tall. That may not seem very big, but at full capacity, it can hold up to 92.5 gallons of water. In comparison, the Ice Pod only holds about 79 gallons of water and the difference is notable.

Although you won’t be able to sprawl out and stretch your legs, sitting inside the Allevachill feels capacious enough to not feel claustrophobic.

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The One Disadvantage

Portable cold plunges like the Allevachill are fantastic, but they all share one glaring fault–the need to add ice.

If you’re using the Allevachill in the middle of summer like we are, expect to add anywhere from 20-40 lbs of ice every couple of days. Although it is made with 5 layers of well-distributed thermal insulation, maintaining frosty 40-50 degree water temps requires copious amounts of ice. Unless you have a dedicated ice maker at home, expect plenty of ice runs at your local convenience store.

Here’s our take on the issue: If you only plan to use the Allevachill occasionally, buying ice should be a non-issue. However, if your intention is to incorporate cold plunge into your routine on an ongoing basis, investing in a water chiller is your best bet.

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The Science Behind the Chill

You’re likely well-versed in the science of fitness, so you should understand the power of cold exposure as well. Diving into icy waters triggers a surge of benefits: faster muscle recovery, reduced inflammation, increased circulation, and a hit of natural endorphins that rival your best runner’s high. It’s the cool edge your recovery routine has been missing.

Renowned cold plunge enthusiast Wim Hof has championed the benefits for years:

Many studies, including one published in 2022 have shown a positive correlation between cold-water immerision (CWI) and overall health improvements, stating:

CWI…may have a protective effect against cardiovascular, obesity and other metabolic diseases and could have prophylactic health effects.

International Journal of Circumpolar Health

Final Considerations:

Investing in the Allevachill Portable Cold Plunge Ice Bath isn’t just about adding another gadget to your arsenal. It’s about supercharging your recovery process and giving your body the treatment it deserves. Imagine the exhilaration of stepping into ice-cold waters after an intense session – the muscles sighing in relief, the fatigue melting away, and the promise of a stronger, faster comeback.

But, when there are no shortages of portable cold plunges on the market, why go with the LifePro Alevachill? Because although very similar to its competitors, the main differentiator is the lifetime warranty. No one else besides LifePro offers that level of assurance. So for us, the Allevachill is the obvious choice.

LifePro Allevachill Recovery Ice Tub

Say goodbye to complicated and take your ice plunge wherever you roam. It’s not just a recovery tool; it’s a testament to your commitment to peak performance.

Recovatech Team

Footprint and Portability
Ease of setup
Included accessories
Quality of materials
Cooling ability
Comparative value


If you’re interested in a portable cold plunge, the Allevachill is a top contender.


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