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The 3 Best Eye Massagers You Should Consider In 2022

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If you’re looking for something that will help relieve migraines, reduce eye fatigue/strain, or decrease the symptoms of dry eye, an electric eye massager just might be the right tool for you. To help you find the best eye massager that’s worth buying, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 available today. 

The good news is, a quality eye massager with advanced features like compression and heat won’t cost you an insane amount of money. In fact, all 3 of the best eye massagers in this buyer’s guide will run you less than $100!

Why We’re a Trusted Source

Testing and reviewing workout and recovery devices is our business. We spend an exorbitant amount of hands-on time with each product, evaluating its efficacy, quality, and durability. Ultimately, we only recommend products that we feel will offer the greatest amount of customer satisfaction. 

Best Eye Massagers of 2022

Best Overall Eye Massager: LifePro Oculax

Without question, the premium Oculax eye massager from LifePro is one of the best around. From the quality materials to the slick design, there’s a lot to love. It was hard not to nominate it our #1 top eye massager pick, but there was just one aspect that held it back. We’ll talk more on that later, but for now, you should know that the Oculax is still a winner. 

What we like:

  • Spectacular build quality and materials
  • Excellent massage experience
  • Convenient USB-C charging
  • 1-button operation

What we don’t like:

  • Must wash face prior to using to keep material lining clean (honestly, not really a con)

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The Oculax eye massager uses compression, heat, and vibration to deliver an ultra soothing experience. Targeting specific acupressure points around the eyes and temples, you can kiss your migraines and/or eye strain goodbye. 

For its intended purpose, the Oculax performs very well. With a 10-20 minute timer, simply choose one of the four massage modes or programs, find a quiet spot, and just try not to fall asleep. Believe us when we say it’s harder than you might think.

LifePro Oculax Eye Massager Features

The Oculax is equipped with every feature you might need in an electric eye massager. The 4 variable massage modes have alternating features that include:

  • Mode 1: Compression, Heat, Vibration, Music, 10 min runtime
  • Mode 2: Compression, Heat, Music, 15 min runtime
  • Mode 3: Compression, Heat, 15 min runtime
  • Mode 4: Compression, 20 min runtime

Each program is selected by pressing the power button until the desired mode is displayed on the LCD screen. It’s basic, but the simplicity of only having one physical button to operate the Oculax makes it very easy to use while on your face.

Although the LifePro Oculax does include bluetooth for music, it does not have any built-in sounds like the Bob and Brad. For many, we assume that won’t be an issue, but it’s something you should know if you leave your cell phone behind somewhere. 

Another great feature of the Oculax is the battery life. We’re pleased to tell you that the battery will last up to 4 hours. That’s quite a bit more than the Bob and Brad model. Also, the Oculax is charged with a USB-C cable too which is great news. 

LifePro Oculax Design

Between the 3 eye massagers on this list, the Oculax has hands down the best design of the bunch. The materials really are top notch and that’s evident the moment you take it out of the box. The construction is tight and materials feel very good in the hand (and face). 

Comparing sizes, the Oculax is most certainly the most compact of the group. When folded in half, it’s quite portable which will really come in handy for travel. Since it only weighs 0.7lbs, the Oculax is extremely easy to tote around. 

However, with such a slim design comes a couple of potential cons too. Compared to the other two eye massagers, the Oculax doesn’t cover as much of the ocular region. By all means, it does a fantastic job massaging your eyes, but doesn’t feel quite as comfortable on the face. We’re nit-picking because this is an eye massager review, in reality, we’re confident most people won’t have any complaints. 

The second feature that’s both a pro and con, is the microfiber suede material on the inside that contacts the face. It’s a pro in that it’s super soft and feels really nice on the skin.

Our concern is how it will hold up long-term. A material such as that is much more prone to collecting oils and dirt from your face. Our best advice? Follow the instructions, clean your face before using, and always wipe it down with alcohol afterwards.

Potential cons aside, most people find the LifePro Oculax to be stellar. With an average 4.5/5 star rating, and a LIFETIME WARRANTY from LifePro, you can feel confident with your decision to buy it.

Best Alternative Electric Eye Massager: Bob and Brad

What we like:

  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Superior massage experience
  • Convenient USB-C charging
  • Intuitive, tactile controls

What we don’t like:

  • External LEDs could be distracting to others
  • Some pointy edges along the plastic casing

Bob and Brad Eye Massager

From the two most famous Physical Therapists on the internet

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If you’ve spent any amount of time on YouTube looking up stretches or ways to recover post-workout, you’re probably already know Bob and Brad. Self-described as the most famous physical therapists on the internet, the duo has amassed over 4 million subscribers on the platform. Impressive!

Only putting their name on products they believe in, the Bob and Brad eye massager is one of the best ones you can buy. Designed with a dual layer eye pad, this massager offers a supremely comfortable ocular massage.

The acupressure is very effective, particularly for those with migraines. The gentle pressure around the eyes and temples is just the right amount to ease muscular tension. 

Eye Massager with Heat

During our testing, we found the heating element to be more than adequate. Unlike some eye massagers with heat that take several minutes to come to temp, the Bob and Brad heats up almost instantly. For anyone that suffers with dry eyes or dark circles around the eyes, the compressive heat will really help increase blood circulation to the area. 

Battery Life and Charging

Thankfully, the Bob and Brad eye massager is equipped with USB-C charging. Most cell phones and laptops are now using that charging standard, making it much more convenient to charge without worrying about another cable.

From 0% to full, it takes about 3 hours to fully charge this electric eye massager. With that, you do get about 90 minutes of total massage time. Considering each massage session is 15 minutes, that should net you about 6 sessions before it needs to go back on the charger. 

Music Settings

The Bob and Brad does have 4 built-in white noise settings to help distract you from the sound of the motor. We quite like the one akin to spa music and find it to be quite relaxing.

If those sounds aren’t your thing, Bluetooth connectivity is included. Simply connect your phone and pass the time listening to your favorite playlist instead. 

To connect with Bluetooth, turn on the massager and then navigate to your bluetooth settings on your phone. Look for the device appropriately named “eye massager” and connect. In the future, assuming your phone is nearby, it will automatically connect to your phone every time you turn the eye massager on. 

Design Features

Aesthetically, the Bob and Brad looks much the same as most other ocular eye massagers. The shiny white plastic exterior shell is very clean and modern looking. The strap that goes around your head is pretty basic, but it is comfortable and adjustable for heads of all sizes. 

In a world that is all touch screens, the tactile feel of physical control buttons is a nice change. Switching between options is simple and well thought out, with everything being displayed on the small, yet intuitive LCD screen. 

There are 5 LED lights on each side that illuminate while the massager is working. Although they’re likely intended to add some extra flair, they add nothing to the user experience. If we had our way, we’d do without them completely because if anything, they will probably just draw unwanted attention from other observers. Not something you want if you’re using the eye massager at an airport, for example. 

The only other small gripe we had was with the plastic around the nose area. The conjoining edges are a little pointy and need to be smoothed out. It’s really a non-issue because you will never feel it on your face, but it’s certainly noticeable if you run your finger along the leading edge of the plastic. 

All in, we think the Bob and Brad electric eye massager (like their massage gun) offers the best combination of features relative to its price. 

Most Popular Eye Massager: Renpho

What we like:

  • Understated design
  • A+ massage experience
  • 1-button operation

What we don’t like:

  • Lack of physical buttons can be hard to locate in use
  • No LCD screen

Renpho Eye Massager

Highly rated across the internet

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Based purely on the number of reviews and internet searches, the eye massagers from Renpho are the most popular ones around. Renpho is a company that has a long list of workout recovery and massage devices that, in our experience, have all been great.

Of the 3 on this list, although it shares many of the same massage features, the Renpho is the most simplistic and lacks a couple key features. That’s likely due to the fact that it’s the cheapest as well. Cheap price, not quality to be sure.

Like the other 2 models, the Renpho eye massager does an equally good job targeting the tissues around the eyes that cause migraines and dark circles. The PU leather covered pad fully envelopes the face as it delivers precise acupressure where it’s needed most. 

More specifically, the Renpho applies pressure to 5 acupoints, including:

  • Temple
  • Chengqi
  • Jingming
  • SizhuKong
  • Cuanzhu

For a more in-depth look and understanding of Acupoints and acupressure, here’s an article on

Renpho Eye Massager with Heat

The heating element is also very effective with this one. Reaching temperatures up to 107 degrees F, it’s just the right amount of heat to increase circulation and frankly, just feel really amazing. 

While testing, we found the heating element to be very efficient. Within seconds of putting the massager on, we could feel the heat. It definitely gets warm, but we never felt like it was too hot or uncomfortable. 

Renpho Battery Life

Upon first use, expect to charge the Renpho for about 2-3 hours. That’s about the average time for all of these eye massagers.

As far as how long the battery will last, it’s about in the middle at 120 minutes. Of course, that is largely dependent on what features you’re using and how much. With all of the modes selected, including heat, that time will drop quite a bit. 

Overall Design

In our opinion, the design of the Renpho is very understated. The entire exterior shell smooth with only a break in plastic at the nose joint. 

The buttons are capacitive, meaning they aren’t physical buttons, but respond to your touch. They don’t provide a lot of tactile feedback and if you’re trying to switch options mid-massage, it’s difficult to determine what you’re pressing for instance.

Although it lacks the LCD screen of the previous 2 massagers, the Renpho does offer voice prompts to help you navigate the menus once turned on. It’s not ideal and it’s not as intuitive, but you get used to it. 

Those small inconveniences shouldn’t be a deal breaker, however. As we mentioned, there’s a reason it’s so highly rated and that’s because it does a fantastic job doing what it’s designed to do.

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