bob and brad massage gun review

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Review

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The Bob and Brad massage gun is one of the latest recovery devices from the “most famous Physical Therapists on the internet”. The question is, is it any good? To save you from reading our entire review, we’ll just come and say it: Yeah, it’s pretty great and affordable too!




Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun

Not just hype, the Bob and Brad Massage Gun is a quality massager that delivers a lot of power in a very tiny form factor. 

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With over 2.6 million (and counting) subscribers on YouTube, Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck have come a long way since their platform debut in 2011. If you’ve ever searched up a “fix” for any sort of physical ailment, you’ve likely come across one of their super informative videos.

We’ve long been fans of theirs and when we heard they were releasing an all-new massage gun, we were anxious to try it. As you’ll soon read, it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. And you don’t have to take our word for it either. Since its release on Amazon, it has now accumulated a stellar 4.8/5 star rating from over 1000 buyers! That’s a pretty good sign of what to expect if you ask us. 

Why You Need The Bob and Brad Massage Gun

Depending on your familiarity with massage guns, you may be asking yourself why you need one in your life. According to studies, the benefits of massage are very well documented and include, but not limited to:

  • Improved range of motion 
  • Expedited muscle recovery
  • Increased lymphatic drainage
  • Reduction of fatigue
  • Pain management

The list goes on, but you get the idea. If you can reap all those potential benefits from a portable, easy to use device, it’s really no wonder why massage guns are exploding in popularity. And again, given that this one is endorsed by two well sought after Physical Therapists, there must be something to it.

Initial Impressions

Right out of the box, we were immediately impressed by the quality of the Bob and Brad Massage Gun. It no doubt leans more to the “mini” massager side, but it’s incredibly well put together. 

The body is about as solid as they come, with no creaks or unseemly large gaps in the hard plastic. The reciprocating massage head doesn’t have any extraneous wobble to it, which we’ve seen in other models.  

From the get go, it was very apparent that the Bob and Brad Massage Gun offers a lot more value than what we were paying for. 


As we just alluded to a second ago, the size and weight of the massager are two things that differentiates it from other massage guns on the market and we love it. 

To say that the Bob and Brad massage gun fits in the palm of your hand is an understatement. It’s more like a natural extension of your body. Ok, a little dramatic, but given it’s about half the size of a regular massage gun and only weighs 1.5 lbs., it’s easy to hold onto without much fuss. 

Something random we noticed was that our pointer finger tended to gravitate towards the flattend out section on the sides of the body. Whether an intentional design decision or just a happy accident, it gives you just a little bit more leverage while operating it. 

If you have small hands, you’ll be thrilled to know that the Bob and Brad has a relatively narrow grip. Given the diameter of the handle and the placement of the power button on back, it’s very ergonomic for hands of all sizes. That’s great news! 

The power button around back also doubles as the speed selector. Pressing the button has a very nice tactile feel to it that’s appreciated. Cycling through the 5 speeds is quick and instantaneous with the push of your extended thumb. 


Tucked away inside the Bob and Brad Massage Gun is a very powerful 5 speed motor. With a stall force right around 55 lbs., it’ll take quite a bit of pressing down to get the massage head to quit percussing. It’s perhaps a bit overkill since no one should require that much pressure, but it’s nice to know the power is there if you need it. 

In most situations, particularly on the upper body, the percussive power of this massage gun will be sufficient. However, due to its limited amplitude (the distance the massage head travels) of 8mm, it might leave you wanting more. Here’s why:

On average, most massage guns have a maximum speed of 3200 RPM. So in theory, if all else remains the same, every massage gun should feel the same too, right? Not really, because the one variable that differentiates a massage gun is the amplitude. The lower the amplitude, the shallower the massage. The higher the amplitude, the more depth it will achieve driving the massage head into the muscle. 

In the case of the Bob and Brad massager, the 8mm amplitude produces something more akin to a vibration massage rather than a percussive one, like the 12mm amplitude of the Ekrin B37. Think of it as fast little taps as opposed to fast bigger thumps.

Hopefully that clarifies things.

Does the amplitude really matter? It can, but the biggest determining factor is personal preference. What feels strong and powerful to one person can feel completely weak and underpowered to another. 

To put it to rest, we think the large majority of people that buy the Bob and Brad Massage Gun will be perfectly happy and satisfied with the percussion. We just think it’s important that you understand the one limitation that it does have.

Battery Life

We have seen it before, but oftentimes when a company introduces a miniature sized version of something, it comes with compromises–like less battery life. 

Fortunately, the Bob and Brad Massage Gun doesn’t cut any corners in that department.

In our week of testing, using it off and on everyday, we’ve yet to see the battery drop below 50%. That’s likely thanks to its sizable 2500 mAh lithium ion internal battery. Of course you miles may vary depending on how you use it, but we’re confident it will meet or exceed your expectations. 

The Brad and Bob is charged via an included USB-C cable. A dedicated charging brick, however, is not included and you should know that before buying. Given the ubiquitous nature of USB ports, like on your computer, your existing cell phone charger, or even in most modern cars, finding a means of charging your massage gun should not be an issue. Again, we probably don’t speak for everyone so keep that in mind. 

Included Accessories

The Bob and Brad Massage Gun comes in a hard, fabric covered carrying case. It’s simplistic in design, yet conveniently portable and maximizes function to the fullest.

Inside the carrying case are individual form fitting slots for the massage gun and each of its 5 included massage head attachments. 

The upper lid has a mesh-like pocket that keeps the manual and charging cable neatly organized and in place. If you happen to incorporate any sort of massage oil or pain relieving cream, that would be a great place to put it. 

Not an accessory per se, but the Bob and Brad massage gun is backed by a 1 year warranty. To make sure you’re eligible for warranty service, be sure you register your device within 7 days of receiving it. Should anything go wrong with it, you’ll be happy you took the 2 minutes to do so. 

Final Takeaway

Like everything we review, we do our best to reserve judgement before trying any new product. We think everything that comes across our desks deserves a fair review and that applied to the Bob and Brad Massage Gun.

In truth, we didn’t think it would impress us as much as it has. It’s not perfect because we do wish it had a higher amplitude, but considering everything else, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun

Not just hype, the Bob and Brad Massage Gun is a quality massager that delivers a lot of power in a very tiny form factor. 

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