jayflex hyperbell ez curl bar and kettlebell

The Jayflex HYPERBELL EZ Curl Bar and Kettlebell Review

The Jayflex HYPERBELL EZ Curl Bar and Kettlebell are versatile and durable pieces of fitness equipment that are perfect for both home gym enthusiasts and professional athletes. As a fitness junkie myself, I have had the opportunity to test and review many different pieces of fitness equipment.

After giving it a few weeks trial, I can confidently say that the Jayflex HYPERBELL EZ Curl Bar and accompanying kettlebell are great alternatives for those that don’t want a lot of gym equipment.

JayFlex Hyperbell EZ Curl Bar: What is it and Who is it for?

jayflex hyperbell ez curl bar and kettlebell review
Jayflex HYBERBELL EZ Curl Bar and Kettlebell

Since the height of the Pandemic, there has been a mass exodus of people leaving traditional gyms and opting to build out home gyms instead. I too did the same thing and haven’t looked back since.

However, the major issue for most people that want to go that route is space. To solve that dilemma, it has been interesting to see how the fitness industry pivoted. I’m mostly referring to the upcropping of modular or adjustable gym equipment. From kettlebells to dumbbells, all-in-one equipment is exploding in popularity.

And that’s where the Jayflex HYPERBELL EZ Curl Bar fits in.

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The Jayflex HYPERBELL EZ Curl Bar is like a standard curl bar but is designed to use the dumbbells that you already own, without the need to buy more weights. Not having to invest in more plates is not only cost-effective, but it’s also space-saving too.

But the Jayflex HYPERBELL EZ Curl bar isn’t just for curls. You can also use it for a variety of other exercises, such as tricep extensions, hammer curls, and even shoulder presses. The versatility of this bar is unmatched and only limited by your imagination.


ez curl bar jayflex review

The patent-pending EZ Curl Bar is very much a curl bar in every sense of the word. Like a traditional curl bar, it’s constructed of high-quality steel, which provides strength and durability while also being rust and corrosion-resistant. To my surprise, the bar is featherlight and only weighs a measly 5lbs at 41″ long.

Don’t let the weight fool you because although it may not feel substantial to hold, the HYPERBELL will accommodate up to 200 lbs of total weight (100 lbs each side).

There is no knurling on the bar itself, rather it’s wrapped in EVA foam for better grip and overall comfort. I actually quite like it and find it a bit easier to hold on to, especially as I approach failure.

The magic of the EZ Curl bar lies in the easy-close clamping system. Each clamp is made of ultra-durable composite plastic. The clam-shell design, which is lined with foam, securely clamps down around almost any dumbbell handle.

hyperbell ez curl

In action, the system is super easy to adapt to once you get past the initial learning curve of attaching a dumbbell for the first time.

Overall though, the quality is top-notch and instills long-term confidence.

Which Dumbbells Will HYPERBELL EZ Curl Bar Work With? 

There is one fitment caveat you should know about before buying the EZ Curl Bar.

The only requirement is that the dumbbell handle must be at least 4.5″ long and no more than 1.5″ at the thickest point. By and large, the dumbbells you already have should work. According to their website:

HYPERBELL works great with hex dumbbells, Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells (552 and 1090), CORE Fitness, Peloton, JaxJox, MX Select, Weider, and many others. 

HYPERBELL does not work with PowerBlock Dumbbells or Nuobell.


Using the HYPERBELL EZ Curl Bar and Kettlebell

Up until now, I intentionally haven’t made much mention of the kettlebell simply because it works much the same as the curl bar, but with a traditionally shaped kettlebell handle. I’ll go into a bit more detail later on in this section.

That said, when your equipment arrives from Jayflex, it arrives in a no-frills box with simple instructions and a warranty card, and that’s it. There’s no sort of assembly required and technically out of the box, it’s ready to use right away.

I put both the EZ Bar and the kettlebell to work on the same day. I was anxious to see how they would integrate into my typical workout. More than anything, I was curious to see how well I would like it over my regular setup.

Working Out With the EZ Bar

woman working out with the jayflex hyperbell ez curl bar

Perhaps because it’s a new piece of equipment, but I find myself trying new exercises that I typically wouldn’t do with a curl bar, like Romanian deadlifts, for example. I like it. I like the way it feels to hold. The ergonomics are great. There’s really a lot to like except one thing, the foam inside the clamps.

Because the foam is a softer density, surely designed that way to better conform to various handles, it also allows for too much play. Basically, every time I would curl the bar, the dumbbell would slide back and forth inside the clamp. With the knurling of the handle, I could definitely see it tearing the foam up with frequent use.

In a future 2.0 version, I would much rather see them use some sort of PVC or similar material that grips the handles better.

The Kettlebell

Jayflex kettlebell vs bowflex 840
Jayflex Kettlebell vs Bowflex 840

I’ve been a long-time lover of the Bowflex 840 adjustable kettlebell. For two years now, it has served me well and there’s not much I would change about it. It’s just a fantastic substitute for owning an entire rack of individual kettlebells.

Read More: Bowflex SelectTech 840 Adjustable Kettlebell Review

For the sake of this review, I put the Bowflex away and exclusively tried the one from Jayflex. So how did it go?

Like the curl bar, pretty good for the most part. I actually prefer the thicker, wider handle a bit more than that of the Bowflex, which can be a bit narrow for two hands to grip. In actuality, the Jayflex kettlebell’s handle design more closely resembles a real kettlebell in thickness and width.

The downside is that changing weights is nowhere as quick and seamless as the Bowflex. I oftentimes change weights when I’m doing a kettlebell workout and unfortunately, that process is more cumbersome with the Jayflex.

Where To Buy and How Much Does It Cost?

As of this writing, the $49 kettlebell attachment can be purchased on Amazon, but the HYPERBELL EX Curl Bar ($159) cannot. This is ok because you can save yourself some $$ by buying them together as a combo package directly from Jayflex.

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Final Thoughts

The Jayflex Curl Bar is a great tool for anyone looking to get serious about strength training. It’s durable and reliable, making it a great investment for those who want to get the most out of their workouts.

For someone who already has a couple of dumbbells and is wanting to expand their workouts, the Jayflex Hyperbell is an excellent compliment. Also, if you don’t currently own a curl bar and you’re thinking about adding one to your home gym, the Hyperbell would be a great choice.

However, if you already own a curl bar, you might not appreciate the EZ Curl Bar.

For the niche product that it is, I certainly think it’s worth considering if you know what you’re getting. With an included 2-year warranty, you’re guaranteed some peace of mind.


Is the Jayflex EZ curl bar worth it?

The Jayflex EZ curl bar is an excellent option for strengthening your bicep muscle and adding some serious mass to your arms. Unlike a standard barbell, the Jayflex EZ barbell is shorter, at approximately four feet, making it much easier to curl.

Is the Jayflex HYPERBELL compatible with Bowflex?

Yes it is! HYPERBELL is not only compatible with Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells (552 and 1090), but also hex dumbbells, CORE Fitness, Peloton, JaxJox, MX Select, Merax, Weider, NordicTrack (orange version) and many others.

How much does the Jayflex weigh?

The Jayflex HYPERBELL Bar is 40 inches in length, and weighs only 5 pounds.

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