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The Best Arm Blasters For Huge Biceps 2024

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The exact origin of Arm Blasters is largely unknown, but many give credit to none other than Mr. Universe himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1970s. 

The premise behind using an Arm Blaster is to hyper-isolate the contraction of the muscles while performing bicep curls, maintain proper form, and eliminate momentum or any other facilitating movement. By doing so, it’s thought to not only fatigue the muscle faster but accelerate hypertrophy and growth through ongoing repetitions

Conceptually, the idea is pretty sound. Using a Bicep Blaster does closely mimic the Preacher Curl movement, but allows greater flexibility since you’re able to use it while standing and you can forgo the need for a dedicated bench. 

Not just that, but by using an Arm Blaster, you can better focus on the mind-muscle connection which has been shown in numerous studies to encourage strength gains. The Terminator tends to agree, so there must be something to it, right? 

The hard truth is this: If you’re looking for upper body strength-building benefits, there’s not a single piece of fancy equipment or tool that will ever be a substitution for dedicated hard work and sweat in the gym. Period. That said, incorporating something like the Arm Blaster into your routine might give you that extra edge you’re looking for at a relatively affordable price. 

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The Top 5 Best Arm Blasters 2024

Top Pick: Rogue Arm Blaster

Our rating: 9.5/10

Nothing says quality like Rogue Fitness. Their made-in-the-USA products are known for being made to the highest standards.

The Rogue Arm Blaster is laser cut from a single piece of .25″ aluminum and comes in either a gloss black anodized or medium gloss powder coat finish.

You also have your choice of an adjustable leather strap or nylon strap to go around your head. We’re suckers for leather and recommend you go that route for its exceptional wear and long-term longevity. 

Overall dimensions are 24″ long x 4.5 wide and weighs in at 2.75 lbs. In other words, it’s very lightweight and won’t be a pain in the neck (literally) to hold. 

The only downside to this Arm Blaster is the price. It’s a little bit above the competition you’ll find on Amazon. For us, we like to support American companies and they more than make up for the price difference in overall quality.

What people say:I’ve had this item for a couple of months now and its exactly what I needed to isolate my biceps when performing barbell curls. I don’t have room for a preacher curl, but the arm blaster works just fine.

Rogue Arm Blaster

All aluminum construction, made in the USA!

Check Price Now

DMoose Bicep Blaster Isolator

The DMoose Biceps Blaster Isolator is also highly rated on Amazon with over 2000 5-star reviews.

We’ve been a huge fans of DMoose products for a while now. They’ve always been great quality at a very affordable price. From wrist wraps to resistance bands, they sell it all.

The DMoose Arm Blaster is 6 different colors with the same extra-durable aluminum material. Like the Armageddon, they too use an adjustable nylon strap that goes around your neck. 

At right around $30-36 dollars, depending on the color you choose, the DMoose falls squarely in line with the majority of the Arm Blasters you’ll find. 

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What people say:I bought this as the reviews seemed to suggest it was made of good quality – I can confirm this. Solid material, doesn’t ever feel like its going to bend or break.

DMoose Biceps Blaster Isolator

Great reviews and lots of color options available.

Check Price Now

Armageddon Sports Arm Blaster

The Biceps Isolator from Armageddon Sports is an excellent choice for its durable construction that is guaranteed to not bend or twist. 

Rated 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, there are plenty of great things people have to say about it including how comfortable it is to use. Armageddon Sports ups the comfort level with extra padding added to the strap and where the arms rest.

They say it’s a bonus, and obviously you’re paying for it, but a set of premium lifting straps are also included when you buy their Arm Blaster. 

Guaranteed to last a lifetime, the Armageddon is sure to last you for many years into the future. 

What people say:This is easy to use and incredibly durable. I tried it out a few times, and it is very comfortable to use. It definitely prevents me from cheating while doing curls and burns my biceps.

Armageddon Sports Arm Blaster

Lifetime guarantee with bonus lifting straps!

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Want to work out like a Viking? We’re not exactly sure what that would entail, but we’re sure it would involve lifting some heavy stuff. The Vikingstrength Arm Blaster will help you do just that. 

We particularly like the design of the Vikingstrength because it has more of a curved design to help bring your elbows in more. By so doing, that will force your arms out resulting in next-level pain and gain. 

Other than that, the formula is the same as others with an adjustable strap and padded elbows for comfort. 

What people say:Built of fairly thick aluminum, 5mm thick, and curves work better than most on the market. It does not flex under pressure.

Vikingstrength Arm Blaster

Increased contour for better stability and more muscle tension. 

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The Celebrita Muscle Bomber is the lowest-priced Arm Blaster on the list. It’s made well and is fairly basic in design. 

It’s most reviewed well on Amazon, but some have complained that it’s too narrow if you have broader shoulders. How broad? We’re not too sure, so if you consider yourself to be a big boy or girl, perhaps look elsewhere. 

The Celebrita does come in 4 different colors for those that want a little flare besides black. 

Overall, we consider this to be a great entry-level bicep blaster at an extremely affordable price. 

What people say:I gave it three stars because aside from the width issue, it’s thick aluminum and there are no other problems with it. So my three-star could be your four or five-star, assuming it fits you better than it does me.

Celebrita Arm Blaster Muscle Bomber

Basic design and features at a great price. 

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Are Arm Blasters Worth It?

You know, we hear that question a lot about products, “Is it worth it?”. By buying an Arm Blaster, is it going to radically improve your results? Perhaps, but that largely depends on you.

The overall utility you draw from an Arm Blaster will always depend on you and whether or not you actively use it. There’s no question that with ongoing use, your arms will grow. Indeed, for its intended purpose, it does it well. 

The other nice thing about an Arm Blaster is that the cost of admission is relatively low. Depending on how you see it, there’s far less risk in dropping $30-$60 on a piece of equipment versus hundreds to thousands for other so-called muscle builders. 

The Benefits of an Arm Blaster

If you’re curious about the benefits of an Arm Blaster, surely you’re wondering if it will make your biceps bigger, and faster. Am I right? 

Given its design, an Arm Blaster does place your arms in the ideal position to get laser-focused on the bicep contraction and avoid cheating.

Cheating you say? Yep, you know exactly what we’re referring to. That little bit of extra heave or swing of the body to get that dumbbell up. That’s cheating. The Arm Blaster will physically prevent your arm from swinging backward and locks the anterior deltoid from assisting the movement.

You may not realize it, but after using a Bicep Blaster for the first time, you might find yourself dropping down weight on your sets of curls. Nixing those facilitating muscles from the equation is a good thing. After all, your goal is huge biceps, yes?

Other benefits of using an Arm Blaster include: 

  • Improved and more controlled range of motion
  • Better mind-muscle connection
  • Improved core strength
  • Portability to use anywhere

If your primary goal is to isolate the bicep and exhaust it to failure every workout, you’ll be super happy with an Arm Blaster. It’s not a necessary tool, but certainly a helpful one. Try one of our recommendations above, and thank us when you can barely move your arms from the intensity they add. 

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How To Use Arm Blaster

The arm blaster is worn around the neck and keeps the elbow close to the body, which helps to focus the work on the bicep muscles, rather than the shoulders or back.

  1. Begin by selecting the appropriate weight for your arm blaster. This will depend on your current strength level and workout goals.
  2. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and wrap the strap around the back of your neck. 
  3. The bowed metal should rest right below the pec muscles
  4. With your elbows close to your sides, perform a bicep curl, lifting the weight towards your shoulder.
  5. Slowly lower the weight back to the starting position and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.
  6. To work the triceps, lower the weight slowly on the eccentric contraction.
  7. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.
  8. Remember to maintain good form throughout the exercise and use a weight that is challenging but not too heavy.
  9. Always make sure to warm up your muscles before using an arm blaster and cool down and stretch after use.

What Exercises Can You Do With An Arm Blaster?

Think of all the different forms of bicep curls that you do in the gym and apply that to the arm blaster. Basically, anything that involves a contraction of the bicep muscle really.

Isolation exercises include dumbbell curls, hammer curls, EZ bar curls, barbell curls, and preacher curls. In fact, you can also go in the opposite direction and target the triceps too. 

Best Bicep Workout

Like all exercise programs, there’s not a magical formula that works for everyone, but incorporating some supersets is a surefire way to bigger arms.

Supersets are two back-to-back exercises that you perform with little to no breaks in between. Each move targets the antagonistic muscle group which should leave your arms wasted when you’re done. 

Here’s a sample of one of the best arm blaster workouts we’ve tried. You can make modifications or substitutions as needed.

  • Exercise #1: Superset dumbbell biceps blaster 4 sets of 10 reps  and then immediately go into dumbbell tricep pushdowns 4 sets of 10 reps
  • Exercise #2 – Hammer curl dumbbell 4 sets of 12 reps – Do each arm individually and then one more set together.
  • Exercise #3 – Reverse bicep curls 4 sets of 14 reps 
  • Exercise #4 – Barbell curls 4 sets of 6-8 reps

By the time you’ve completed those sets, your muscles should be spent. Just remember to perform each rep in a slow, controlled manner and really focus on the contraction of the bicep. If you’re having trouble lifting the weight and your form is going in the toilet, drop weight!

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