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The Best Hand Massager for Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, and Neuropathy

With all the abuse our bodies sustain on a daily basis, whether from working out or repetitive overuse at work, it’s surprising how little attention we give to our hands. Which is interesting because we perhaps use our hands more than any other part of our body. 

In general, our hands are fairly resilient and don’t require as much attention as major muscle groups and joints, but that may not be the case for those that suffer from Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, or Neuropathy of the hands. 

In fact, did you know that the hands can tell you a lot about your overall health? It’s no coincidence that your doctor will start a health checkup by first examining your hands first. 

Furthermore, in traditional Chinese medicine, the hands are believed to have reflexology and pressure points that have direct correlative ties to reducing pain or a myriad of other symptoms.

If you’re suffering with some achy hands that need a little extra TLC, there’s no better way to do that than with a dedicated hand massager. Here are 6 hand massagers that are sure bets. 

You’re going to love the iReliev electric hand massager because not only does it offer compression, but heat and vibration too! It’s certainly one of the best hand massagers on the market for its rich features and premium quality.  

With 6 levels of intensity, you can dial in the level of comfort that suits you best. Also, with a 4 hour battery life, you’ll get hours of relief before needing to recharge. 

The iReliev hand and wrist compression massager features two massage modes and a convenient 15 minute automatic shutoff timer.

Thanks to its 2 Year Warranty, the iReliev hand and wrist massager should provide years of reliable service. 

Afraid you might not be happy with it? No worries! iReliev offers a 30 Day Return Policy. If for any reason you’re not happy, this U.S. based company will gladly refund your money. 

Before you buy, read our full in-depth review of the iReliev Hand and Wrist Massager

IReliev Hand and Wrist Massager

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LifePro has long been one of our favorite sports and recovery companies for their excellent products and Lifetime Warranty policy. You simply can’t go wrong when you purchase something from them.

The Legra Hand Massager not only comes with a lot of great features like 5 massage modes and 5 levels of intensity, but it also comes in at a super affordable price too!

This particular model uses air compression technology with optional heat settings to really soothe those achy, tired hands. 

Weighing in at just 2.4 lbs and with a battery life that should last you up to 4 hours, you’ll be able to spend plenty of time relaxing on the couch or in bed without having to run for a charger.

All in all, the LifePro Legra is the total package and would not hesitate to recommend it

LifePro Legra Hand and Wrist Massager

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Breo iPalm520 Hand Massager

The Breo hand massager combines air pressure and heat compression to help increase circulation and decrease pain in the hands.

With 2 heat settings, the deep infrared heats up to 98 degrees on low all the way up to 107 degrees on high.

For 100% portability, the Breo can be used wirelessly with 4 included AA batteries or plugged in with the 6V DC adaptor. 

Intelligent air technology generates a soothing rhythm that mimics reflexology kneading.

Breo iPalm520 Hand and Wrist Massager

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The CINCOM is extrememly small and portable at just 7.9 x 5.9 inches. Also, given the internal 2500 mAh battery with 60*90 minutes of run time, you can take this hand massager anywhere you go.

This massager not only offers compression and heat, but has 4 massage heads that will gently massage your fingers as it works.

3 programs and 3 intensity levels all you to find the perfect setting for you. 

The heat function includes 2 settings that can be set to either 104 or 122 degrees F. 

Cincom Hand and Wrist Massager

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The HoMove incorporates 2 finger rollers, compression, and heat all-in-one. 

3 variable modes including full hand, fingers, and palm only allows for more versatility. Compression, rolling, kneading and heat are all included too. 

5 sets of airbags and 3 air valves assure a full 360 degree hand massage coverage.

Unlike the other models, the heat is limited to 1 setting and only heats up to 107 degree F.

HoMove Hand and Wrist Massager

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Hand Massager Benefits

As mentioned, the hands can offer a glimpse of someone’s overall health. “You can learn a lot by looking at the hands,” agrees Kelly Weselman, MD.

A weak grip, numbness, changes in color, stiffness, and pain are all warning signs that something is off in the body. If you experience one of the symptoms and it’s become chronic, be sure to see your doctor. 

As is the case, conditions of the hands will require some palliative care and that’s where the benefits of a hand massager come in. 

Studies have shown that having a professional hand massage just once a week, and doing self-massage once a day, may help reduce the pain associated with many conditions, including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neuropathy.

The benefits of using an electric hand massager can also include:

  • Increased blood circulation in the fingers and arms for better delivery of oxygen and nutrients
  • May help alleviate headache symptoms based on reflexology principles
  • Improve overall health of the skin
  • Facilitate a greater range of motion of the wrists and fingers
  • Relieve pain through compression and heat

Electric Hand Massager Features To Look For

The core fundamental function of any hand massager is the massage itself. Oftentimes, companies like to add superfluous features that add little to no value to the massage experience and diminish its overall effectiveness. Here are some features to look our for when buying a hand massager.


Many studies have shown that compression is an effective means of increasing lymphatic drainage and reducing swelling.

Different models of hand massagers provide varying styles of compression. Some have air bags that compress the entire hand and some have multiple air bags that inflate independently on several different areas of the hand. 

If compression is important to you, choosing a massager that emphasizes that feature may be a better fit.  


The use of heat is a very popular and inexpensive means of pain relief. Not only does it stimulate increased vasodilation of the blood vessels, but put simply, it feels really good for most people. 

When buying a hand massager, look whether or not it has a heating element. If it does, check to see how many levels of heat it offers too and how hot it can get. Some models only warm up to 98 degrees and many will find that to be too little to be effective.

Rollers or Kneading

There’s nothing more soothing than the human touch when it comes to massage. While compression is great, a hand massager with physical rollers will emulate the kneading sensation of a real massage more closely. 

Be sure to pay close attention to the box if this is a feature that you want. Oftentimes the added feature comes at a cost, but not much more. 


Most electric hand massagers will automatically come with a 30 day money back guarantee, particularly if you’re purchasing from Amazon

We’re sure you’re looking for something that’s going to last, so make sure you’re covered by checking the warranty period on your device. Even the best electric hand massagers can prematurely fail at times. Make sure you’re covered!

The Best Electric Hand Massager

Finding the best of anything, especially when it comes to hand massagers is generally very subjective. What may feel good to one person may be excruciating to another. 

After you’ve done your research and you have found the best hand massager for your needs, consider looking at the reviews too. Tread carefully because some reviews are not always 100% authentic. In our opinion if something has received nothing but positive reviews without any negatives, be wary. 

Ultimately however, we think you’ll thoroughly enjoy the benefits of owning a hand massager. Those that deal with a lot of stress and anxiety will absolutely love the potential benefits.

Those individuals that frequently use their hands performing repetitive movements, like at a computer or doing manual labor are particularly prone to hand discomfort. Be sure to take a proactive approach and take care of your hands. 

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