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LifePro DynaSphere Review

No Longer Available 🙁

LifePro no longer sells the DynaSphere, but don't worry, use promo code RECOVA10 to get 10% off any of their other massage guns!

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The LifePro DynaSphere is one of 3 all-new massage guns just released. It’s perhaps one of the most unique massage guns we have ever seen. With a spherical shaped body and a built-in USB charger, the DynaSphere is a welcome entry in an otherwise stagnant market. 

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LifePro DynaSphere Design

LifePro makes some of the best massage guns you’ll find anywhere. Not only are they powerful, but they’re all backed by a lifetime warranty. That’s a nice bit of assurance.

Going hands-on with the DynaSphere, we were immediately intrigued by its design. It’s truly unlike anything else out there. Although it does share a similar handle design as the Ekrin B37, the spherical head is what sets it apart from all the rest. As odd as it may seem, it actually improves the ergonomics significantly. 

lifepro dynasphere

If you could imagine it being a baseball for a moment, it just fits perfectly in your hand, thus giving you a better grip. That little bit of extra leverage allows you to apply more downward pressure. If you’re the type that likes a deep massage, that feature will play to your advantage. 

Another feature the LifePro DynaSphere has is the twistable on/off switch. We quite like having the ability to simply twist the bottom dial to power it on rather than fussing with a tiny switch that’s only accessible with a fingernail. It’s really a small detail, but it adds to the experience. 

lifepro massage gun

Also unique to this LifePro massage gun is the built-in USB port for external charging. If your cell phone, for example, is running on a low charge, you can siphon off the internal battery of the DynaSphere to charge it up.

To try it out, we plugged in an iPhone with 80% charge. After about 30 minutes we checked it again and it was up to 95%. So it’s not lightning fast that’s for sure. How much you’ll actually use the external charging is debatable, but it’s a brilliant add-on in a crunch. 

From a design perspective, and this is a minor gripe, but we wish LifePro had used some sort of rubber plugs to cover the screw holes. Aesthetically it would look a bit more polished and finished. Not a deal breaker, but an observation we had. 


With one fundamental purpose, how well a massage gun percusses is paramount. We are very happy to report that the LifePro DynaSphere is exceptionally powerful. 

With a stall force of 56lbs, you won’t be left wanting. For comparisons sake, the highly rated $399 Theragun Elite only outputs 40lbs of pressure. The point we’re trying to make is that it has more than enough power for even the brawniest of individuals. In fact, we found ourselves dialing back the intensity more often than not. Better to have too much power than not enough, right?

lifepro massage gun

Amplitude is another factor that largely determines the depth of the massage. Amplitude refers to the total distance the massage head oscillates back and forth. If you want a deeper, more percussive massage, this is an important detail to pay attention to.

On average, most massage guns have an amplitude of about 10-12mm. While not much more, the LifePro DynaSphere has a 13mm amplitude. Did we notice a difference? Not particularly, but we were more than satisfied with its performance. 


With a total of 6 variable speeds, you can handily dial in the intensity that suits you best. Those speeds range from 1200RPM all the way up to a vigorous 2800RPM.We think that many incremental speeds is the perfect amount to help you find a comfort level that works for you. 

We have good news! Even on its highest setting, the DynaSphere produces only about 60dB of noise. That’s on par with the noise you make during a normal conversation. Not bad.

Attachments & Portability

We’ve talked a lot about the power of the DynaSphere massage gun and how it relates to comfort, but the second most important component is the massage head attachments themselves. 

lifepro dynasphere percussion massage gun

The DynaSphere comes with 5 ultra comfortable, silicon tips. We love the inclusion of the silicon because not only is it more sanitary, but eliminates the harshness associated with all plastic massage heads supplied with other massage guns. 

Although we found every tip super effective for their intended purpose, the only drawback we found was with the bullet head. Because it’s so incredibly smooth, for us it was difficult to remove from the massage gun. Without using a towel or a t-shirt for added friction, we couldn’t manage to get a good grip on it. 

Overall dimensions of the DynaSphere measure 3.5 x 5.3 x 10 inches with a weight of 2.1lbs. That is about the norm for a massage gun of this design. 

DynaSphere vs. LifePro Pulse FX

At this point, LifePro now offers an astounding 12 different massage gun models, each with their respective strengths.

In terms of brute power and performance, the DynaSphere is the 2nd most powerful massage gun in their lineup, trailing the venerable Pulse FX. The Pulse FX may only offer 3 variable speeds, but it has an amplitude of 16mm and 66lbs of brute stall force. 

Power aside, battery life is relatively the same, they both come with 5 attachments, and share the same lifetime warranty. 

Regarding the design, some may prefer the Pulse FX for its easy to hold handle and 90 degree pivoting head. Your preference may vary, but we still consider the Pulse FX as one of the best massage guns you can buy.  

Final Verdict: Should You Buy The LifePro DynaSphere?

There’s no question, your choice of massage guns is many. We’ve tested out a huge assortment of really great options that we would heartily recommend without hesitation. Would we do the same for the LifePro DynaSphere? Absolutely!

With a current selling price of only $99.99, it offers specs found on massage guns costing twice as much. You would be really be hard pressed to find a similar feature set at this price point. 

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