LifePro Pulse FX Massage Gun In-Depth Review

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LifePro no longer sells the Pulse FX, but don't worry, use promo code RECOVA10 to get 10% off any of their other massage guns!

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The Lifepro Pulse FX Percussion Massage Gun is still one of the best massage guns you can buy. After months of abuse, it still delivers an enormous amount of muscle crushing power and functions like new. Read on to see why we feel the Pulse FX should be your next massage gun.

About LifePro Fitness

LifePro is an emerging fitness company that sells a wide variety of different rehabilitative products. From whole body vibration plates to massage guns, they sell it all. To date, we have had the opportunity to test 4 of the massage guns–the Pulse FX, the Fusion FX, the Sonic Mini, and the Sonic X. So far, they have all been outstanding.  

Relative to the quality of other massage guns we’ve tested, the ones from LifePro are all very well made. From what we gather, they’re very much invested in delivering quality products.

Not to evangelize them too much, but the last perk to buying a LifePro product is that they all come with a Lifetime Warranty. That’s truly an industry first and it’s nice to know it is backed by a reliable company. 

Ok, enough about the company. Let’s dive into the Pulse FX and what makes it great. 

Pulse FX Performance

The LifePro Pulse FX is an extremely strong, well built massage gun. Thanks to its 250W brushless motor, it delivers a very strong and firm really massage. With a max stall force of around 66lbs and an amplitude of 16mm, the Pulse FX is really able to offer an extremely deep massage that so many crave. 

If we’ve scared you off thinking this will be too much force, no worries! Thanks to the 3 variable speeds, you can always dial back the intensity for a gentler massage experience.

So not only is the Pulse FX powerful, but it’s surprising quiet too. Set on high it only produces about 60dB of sound. That’s equivalent to you carrying on a conversation or listening to some background music. 

Battery Life

As for battery life, you’re not going to have any issues worrying about recharging anytime soon. LifePro states that the internal 2000mAh Samsung battery should net you about 3-7 hours depending on your usage.

Considering the fact that you shouldn’t use it for more than about 10 minutes per session, getting several weeks worth of battery would not be unheard of. During our hands-on time, we managed to use it an entire week and it still had at least a 50% charge left. It just kept going and going.


We really appreciated the design of the Pulse FX. The body only weighs 2.2lbs and is shaped in such a way that it makes it very comfortable to hold and apply extra downward pressure if you need it. The 3 way adjustable massage head makes it even more convenient to contact those hard to reach areas of the body on your own. 

Currently, the Pulse FX is available in 4 different colors: black, blue, gray, and red. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to like one of them. 

The placement of the on/off switch and the speed selector on the top of the handle was a smart decision. It makes it a lot easier to operate and further adds to the incredible ergonomics of the design.

Inside The Box

Inside the package you’ll find an attractive molded carrying case, 4 massage head accessory attachments, and best of all, a charging base.

The charging base, is truly a fantastic addition not typically included with a lot of massage guns. Theragun, for example, offers one but at a steep premium of about $80. That’s a bit much in our opinion, so it’s nice that LifePro has managed to include it in the price up front.

In general, we definitely enjoy having the option to drop the Pulse FX on the battery charger instead of tinkering around trying to find a cable each time we need to charge it. 

Pulse FX Pros and Cons



Is It Worth It?

For the large majority of people, you are going to be extremely happy with the Pulse FX. 5-star reviews are plentiful on every outlet where it is sold. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone that has anything negative to say about it.

If you suffer with chronic muscular aches and pains, the Pulse FX is going to be your new best friend for sure. It consistently delivers a smooth, powerful massage experience that rivals more expensive models. 

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