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Update 4/19/2022: If you’re looking to buy the KRAFTGUN or simply to write them a nasty e-mail, unfortunately you’re probably out of luck. The KRAFTGUN is no longer for sale anywhere online. A shame, really. 

In the market for a great massage gun? Consider one of our #1 top picks here. 

If you spend any amount of time on Facebook or Instagram, it’s likely you’ve seen an advertisement for KRAFTGUN. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, they’ve flooded social media feeds with an endless torrent of clean cut men and woman, massaging their muscular, toned bodies. 

These videos have become so popular, in fact, they’ve catapulted KRAFTGUN to the #1 searched for massage gun on the planet according to Google Trends. 

We’ve really got to hand it to them, they’ve done a hostile takeover of an industry dominated by the likes of Theragun. Demand now for the KRAFTGUN is through the roof and for good reason–it’s a phenomenal massage gun. 

What Makes The Kraftgun Great?

Now that we’ve had time to calm down and take a breath, it is now time for us to determine if the KRAFTGUN FORCE is as good as the hype would lead us to believe. Here is our take:


The KRAFTGUN is hands down one of the most powerful massage guns we have ever tested. With a stall force (the amount of force required to stop the massage head) right around 60lbs, even the bulkiest of human beings will have a hard time getting the motor to stop.

Not only that, but the amplitude of the massage head is 15mm, which results in a very deep, pounding massage. If you like a massage that “digs in”, this delivers in spades. 

Despite delivering so much power, the 3-speed motor is actually very quiet. You’ll have no problems using this in a public setting. It’s really quite nice compared to the old power-drill-like massage guns of yore. 


The overall design of the KRAFTGUN is really well thought out. The ergonomics of the upper handle make it very comfortable to hold and operate. We really appreciate the placing of the on/off switch and speed switch near where the thumb rests. It makes it super convenient.

The KRAFTGUN was also designed with a 3-position adjustable head that can be rotated up to 90 degrees. That will allow you more flexibility as you massage different areas of your body. It’s a nice touch.

Battery Life

At no point were we ever left wanting when it came to battery life. KRAFTGUN states they use a lithium-ion Samsung battery that promises up to 3-6 hours of continuous use depending on the speed setting. After a week of putting it through its paces, we have yet to charge it.

Not bad. 

It’s comforting to know that the KRAFTGUN won’t be spending most of its time on a charger.

In The Box

The KRAFTGUN, much like most other massage guns, comes bundled with a hard-shell case, 4 attachments, and a charger.

In case you’re worried about it breaking, the KRAFTGUN comes with a generous 2 year warranty too!

Final Thoughts

KRAFTGUN has really done a lot of things right. Their marketing is on point. The product they deliver is exactly what’s advertised. 

If you’re in the market for a massage gun, the KRAFTGUN is one to consider.

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