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What do you get when you combine high-quality materials, a super powerful motor, with a huge battery? A seriously great massage gun, that’s what. The addsfit MAX does all that at an incredible price.

addsfit MAX Overview

Addsfit is a relative newcomer to the percussive massage gun scene. With so many choices out there, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to differentiate one from another. Perhaps knowing the uphill challenges they would face breaching that ultra-competitive market, addsfit brought their A-game with the addsfit MAX. 

In truth, how they managed to build a massage gun that offers so many great features at this price point is beyond us. Regardless, let’s dive in to the details of what makes the addsfit MAX so great.


From the initial unboxing, we had a hunch the addsfit MAX was going to be a great massage gun. Hefting it in our hands for the first time, it just felt good.

The build quality is really something else. It feels substantial to hold at just over 2lbs, but not overly heavy either. This isn’t some cheap plasticky toy that’s for sure. 

The exterior shell is a reinforced polycarbonate/glass fiber material that’s wrapped in a soft touch plastic. Talk about smooth. While it’s always a good idea to handle your massage gun with care, we are confident the addsfit MAX will be able to handle some tumbles and falls without consequence. 

If you’re at all familiar with massage guns, you’ll immediately draw comparisons to the Hyperice Hypervolt. There’s no denying they look about the same, but you’d be surprised to know that the addsfit MAX, in our opinion, is actually a much better buy. We’ll dive into those specifics later.


Contrary to the idea that cheap=underwhelming, the addsfit MAX actually lives up to its name in the power department. 

The addsfit is powered by a 9 speed brushless motor that is both strong and quiet. Most other massage guns only have 3-5 speeds. The extra increments of power allow you to dial in the intensity based on your preference. Set on high, the MAX moniker really becomes apparent as it screams to life with muscle thumping precision. 

The variable speeds range from 1700RPM on low all the way up to an aggressive 3300RPM. With a 12mm rated amplitude head and 35lbs of stall force pressure, the addsfit MAX has zero issues working on the tightest of muscles. 

Battery Life

Any new massage gun that we receive, we test extensively for at least a week. Throughout the entire week, we did not need to recharge the battery more than once. It just kept going and going.

That’s really a relief because the last thing you want is to constantly be worried about recharging the battery. For the forgetful type, it will be your saving grace after a hard workout. Just try to plug it in once a week and you should be fine. 

All that battery life is thanks to the large 2500mAh battery inside. Addsfit promises 5-6 hours total and that is largely dependent on the pressure and speed at which you use it at. Your mileage may vary, but for us it has exceeded our expectations.

Everyday Use

So what’s it like to use the addsfit MAX? Really wonderful to be honest. As we already stated, it only weighs a paltry 2.2lbs so muscle fatigue is a non-issue. We found that a quick 30 second session pre-workout and 2 minutes post-workout was enough to ward off soreness the next day. 

Like anything, a massage gun is simply a tool and if not used correctly, can cause more harm than good. As tempting as it is, try not to overdo your massage sessions. Too much percussion to a muscle might do the opposite of what you want and cause more inflammation rather than less. 

Thanks to the 5 included silicon tips, the massage of the addsfit MAX is really quite comfortable anywhere on the body. Some manufactures opt for all plastic massage heads and those tend to hurt, especially if you accidentally hit a bony spot.

addsfit max attachments

Addsfit MAX vs. Hyperice Hypervolt

As we said before, if you’re at all familiar with the Hypervolt, you will be quick to conclude that the addsfit MAX is a direct copy of it. That’s really not too much of a stretch either.

Both offer about the same percussive force and battery life. They share the same ergonomic design. They both come with removable batteries that can be swapped out. They’re almost the same, so why spend $150 more for the name brand champion?

The addsfit MAX actually offers more in the way of features and the included 3 year warranty. That’s 2 years more coverage than that of the Hypervolt! Beyond that, a molded carrying case is also included. Something that will cost you $50 more if you opt for the Hypervolt. Don’t get us wrong, we love the Hypervolt, but it’s hard to compete with that. 

Final Thoughts

While your massage gun options are plentiful, sifting through the ones that are worth the money may be your biggest obstacle. Many may look very similar, but built poorly or won’t honor their warranty. 

The addsfit MAX is certainly worth you consideration. They’ve been able to not only build a very solid massage gun, but offer it at a price that’s really hard to argue with. 

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