Give the Best Christmas Cold Plunge Gifts of 2023

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Are you searching for the best Christmas cold plunge gifts for your loved ones? Look no further! We have curated a list of exceptional cold plunge accessories that are perfect for the holiday season. These gift ideas will not only delight the cold plunge lovers in your life but also provide them with an unforgettable and rejuvenating experience. Continue reading as we guide you through our top recommendations, ensuring that you find the perfect present for the cold plunge enthusiast on your shopping list.

Discover the Top Cold Plunge Gift Recommendations for the Holiday Season

From essential accessories to premium quality tubs, these gifts will make plunging into the cold water even more pleasurable.

Essential Cold Plunge Accessories for Comfort and Safety

While the thrill of a cold plunge is undeniable, ensuring comfort and safety is paramount. Here are some popular cold plunge accessories that will make perfect holiday gifts:


JML Microfiber Bath Towel


A set of ultra-absorbent, quick-drying, and high-quality towels are essential for drying off after a cold plunge.

Non-slip mats: 

Nordic Style Premium Teak Shower and Bath Mat


To prevent slipping accidents, invest in a durable, non-slip teak wood mat that can be placed around the cold plunge tub.

Insulated water bottles: 

Stanley Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler 40oz


A good-quality, insulated water bottle will keep your cold plunge enthusiast hydrated during their session.

Robes or parkas: 

Akida Oversized Changing Robe/Swim Parka


A cozy and warm robe or parka is perfect for added comfort and warmth after a cold plunge.

High-Quality Cold Plunge Tubs That Make a Great Gift

A high-quality cold plunge tub would be a dream gift for any cold plunge enthusiast. Here are a few top-rated tubs to consider:

Best Overall Cold Plunge

Ice Barrel 300


The all-new Ice Barrel 300 is easy to get into, it’s now insulated and comes with two pre-installed ports for a water chiller.
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Best Ice Bath On A Budget

The Ice Pod


Perhaps one of the most popular portable ice baths around, the Ice Pod is a great alternative to the more expensive options available.
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Best Inflatable Cold Plunge

Spartan Willpower Ice Bath Barrel


Basically the same size as the Ice Barrel 300, but at 1/4 of the cost. Added bonus: it comes with chiller ports too!

Water Chillers for the Ultimate Temperature Control

Temperature control is crucial for a safe and enjoyable cold plunge experience. Water chillers ensure that the water in the cold plunge tub remains at optimal temperatures. Some of the best water chillers for cold plunge include:

Spartan 1/2 HP Chiller + Heat

Spartan 1/2 HP Chiller + Heat


The ultimate all-in-one water chiller that can also heat up to 105F. Not only that but it has built-in filtration and ozone sanitation to keep your cold plunge clean.
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Personalize Your Cold Plunge Gift with These Thoughtful Add-Ons

To make the most of the cold plunge experience, these add-on gifts are a must.

Ice Molds

Alaskey Extra Large Ice Block Mold


If a water chiller is out of your price range, get this durable silicone ice mold that makes 2.5 pounds of ice.

Water Sanitization

Sirona Spa Care Sanitizer


A bromine-free, chlorine-free liquid sanitizer that provides excellent bacteria control. If you don’t want cloudy, algae-filled water, this is the stuff to get.
Be sure to check out the Sirona Oxidizer and Waterline Control too!


XY-WQ Floating Pool Thermometer


Make sure your cold plunge is staying extra frosty with this fun floating water thermometer.

Cold Plunge Lighting

QOLNBY Rechargeable Pool Lights Submersible LED Lights


Add some fun to the cold plunge experience with these rechargeable floating LED lights.

Conclusion: Wrapping Up Your Perfect Cold Plunge Christmas Present

With these top cold plunge gift recommendations, you’re sure to delight your friends and family who love taking the plunge. Whether you’re opting for comforting accessories, high-quality tubs, or cutting-edge water chillers, these must-have gifts for Christmas cold plunge rituals are sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

Cold plunge gifts make for excellent and meaningful holiday presents, sure to be cherished by your loved ones. As you watch the delight on their faces, knowing that you provided them with gifts that truly benefit their well-being, you’ll find that the joy of giving is indeed a priceless

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